Interview: Jillian Kirby & Photographing your Child

jilliankirby1Ever wondered how people get those amazing photos of their children?  Just can’t figure out how to setup your Digital SLR?

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We talked with Jillian to get some insight into what makes her so sucessful as a photographer:

How long have you been photographing children and babies?

I have been photographing children and families for almost 6 years now! Then about 4 years ago, I specialized to newborns, babies and bellies. It’s a huge passion of mine and so very rewarding!

What is the best part of a photo shoot?

Many of my clients book my Bambino Membership which includes the maternity, newborn and 6 months session. The best part of the photoshoots is meeting the soon-to-be parents full of excitement and anticipation, then witnessing them back with their brand new bundle, and then once again at 6 months old when they’ve mastered their new life with this now bouncy, full of personality little one! Being able to be a part of and capture this amazing time in their lives is so special and I feel so honoured!

How many children would you guesstimate you’ve photographed since you started? 

That’s a hard one! I know that I’ve photographed over 350 newborns and about 300 “big babies” and countless other families, etc. I’ve even done some weddings!  😉

What is your photography style with your own family? I do a few different styles with my kids… I bring them in to the studio and do simple, natural light head shots, etc. at least a few times a year and then every second year I get outdoor candid shots done of the whole family. I like to mix it up as both styles provide something different… different ways to capture the memories of who they were at that moment in time. 

How many albums full of photos do you possess?

I actually am in the process of putting all my photos together in yearbook style albums right now. What I really have a ridiculous obsession with is fine art canvases. My home is covered in art of my family and my children. 

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Well the obvious love and family aside…. my iPhone!! It has my whole life and I’m scared to think what would happen if I lost it!

Your favourite day of the week?

Friday obviously!!!  😉  Love having the whole weekend ahead of me…. I get to shoot a bit on Saturdays, watch my kiddos play their sports and spend time with my husband!

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