Introducing: Miss Behaviour

With Toddlerfest coming up next week (register here $20/family), we wanted to introduce you to our expert panelists and tell you a little bit more about them.

Meet Julie Romanowski, Miss Behaviour:  Julie will be speaking on the topic of Decoding Tantrums.  “It’s common for children under 5 years old to have tantrums several times a week. However, they still leave you feeling frustrated, upset and powerless. Understand why they actually happen, a new and effective method to prevent tantrums from happening often, as well as techniques and tools to manage them better when they hit.”


MM: What is your background and what led you to be a parenting educator?

I am an educated, trained and certified ‘Early Childhood Consultant’ and the owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consultant services. With over 15 years of experience working directly with children, parents & families from different cultures from all around the world in a variety of settings, I have gained incredible experience and expertise. Specializing in children’s behaviour, discipline, anxiety, development and communication that is positive and respectful, I have helped hundreds of Parents in the most critical and most challenging areas of child development. Teaching Parents key skills and techniques to understand and enjoy raising their children and has become a passion of mine along with being a motivational speaker and inspiring Parents to achieve their very best. My European travels over the years has expanded my imagination & experience in the kitchen and have left me to crave good coffee, distinctive cheeses and outstanding wine!

MM: Do you have any children?  How old are they?

My son Marcus, is 10 months old and is a peaceful yet busy boy on the search for new discoveries! I am grateful to have had the experience, training & background of being an Early Childhood Consultant but now having that combined with being a Mother has made me an even more powerful source! It has been a truly incredible journey so far and I’m hungry for more.

MM: Why are you passionate about Toddlers?

Toddlers are usually viewed as being the worst age group, you know “the terrible two’s” and I find that just isn’t fair. This is an incredible age-group and one that holds such significance in the development of a child, especially in the areas of self-worth and confidence which is such a big issue these days for a lot of people. Experiences & situations that happen at this age group really impact how the child grows in particular the teen years as well as adulthood. The passion lies in bringing greater awareness and learning in the areas of toddler-hood such as discipline, tantrums & behaviours.

MM: Any tips?

Children are brought to us to help us grow and develop ourselves in becoming the best we can possibly be and to reach our fullest potential. Slow down, take a step back and reflect on the purity & joy that surrounds you every day and find the peace & happiness in being a Parent!

Want to meet Julie and hear her talk on Decoding Tantrums and speak on our Parenting Panel?  Join us at Toddlerfest November 23rd.  Childcare is available. Space is limited.

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