Introducing Tamarah , Diane Lee & Associates

Tamarah, a Physiotherapist focusing on pre and postnatal wellness at Diane Lee & Associates tells us a bit about herself and why she wanted to be involved with BabyFest on May 10th:mom & kids

What is your background and what led you to be a physiotherapist/ educator with specialty in women’s health (pre/post natal and pelvic floor)?

As an athlete growing up I enjoyed movement and was fascinated by the bodies ability to have such agility power strength and recovery. My curiosities of this amazing machine lead me into my Masters in Physiotherapy which I studied in Australia. I worked with very high level athletes and pursued a masters thesis in groin injuries.

This peaked my interest  in women in athletics, which lead me to a clinical specialty at a women’s hospital in Australia and I wound up in gynaecology and obstetrics/ maternity.

Once back in BC, Canada working in private practice I continued to work with athletes while doing post grad studies in women’s health/pelvic floor and the ISM model (Diane Lee).

The need for Women’s Health focused physiotherapy especially in the area of pre/postnatal and pelvic floor is vital and proven in my practice everyday where I see women suffering from many different issues: prenatal back pain/pelvic pain, incontinence, dypareunia/pain with intercourse, sexual health issues, prolapse, pre/post menopause, post surgical (c-section, hysterectomy etc), anorectal dysfunction, female athletes and injuries.IMG_2896

Do you have any children?  How old are they?

I have two boys, a one year old and an almost 3 year old. I wanted children as long as I can remember, they bring such tremendous joy happiness and love.  Being a mom is the best job. It is more than I ever imagined.

Why are you passionate about your job?

I have two of the best jobs. I love waking up to both every morning. Being a mother is so rewarding, my children make me smile ear to ear from the moment the sun rises and they teach me something new everyday.


Being a physiotherapist has been my career choice since I was 11 years old, and I do not regret a moment of my choice. I get to teach and educate my patients. I often bring smiles back to peoples faces and help them accomplish their goals that they would have thought impossible otherwise.


Women and Men’s health in the area of pelvic floor/pelvic pain, sexual health issues and anorectal dysfunction is not often addressed in the medical community, and is shied away from. Pre and post partum issues are often overlooked in women in their childbearing years which can result in long term dysfunction both physically and emotionally.


For this reason I am passionate about bringing continued awareness and education to the community.


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