Local Playground Review: Brookview Playground

Brookview Playground

After seeing this playground many times last year but never being able to stop and play, I decided this would be a great opportunity for the kids to check it out.  Here is this week’s Local Playground Review: Brookview Playground.  This playground is located behind the WestView Health Centre, at the end of 46 Avenue in Stony Plain.


Brookview Playground is great for younger children.  The equipment is smaller for the little ones who can walk and climb, and there are even swings for both older children and younger children.  There are a couple of benches for you to sit and watch your kids play.  There is even a large hill behind the playground for the kids to run off some energy at.  It is also a close walk for people who live near and it is a great place to take the kids if you have to spend some time at the health centre.

My oldest daughter loved that she could push her baby sister on the swing and spent a lot of time doing that.  Miss H was impartial to the swing but we loved that she could play too.  My son loved digging without getting sand everywhere, since rocks lined the playground instead of sand.

Brookview Girls


The Brookview Playground is located near the entrance to the extended care area of the health centre, so parking is very limited.  There are very few parking stalls which seem to be taken up by visitors to the health centre, but we were fortunate the find the last spot to park on the road.  If you’re coming to play at this playground, you may have to be prepared to park and walk a short distance.

I also found that my older two ( 5 and 6 years old) got bored after we were there for a while.  They could only swing on the swings and go down the slide so many times.  There wasn’t much room for them to really run around on the playground since all of the equipment was quite small.  We didn’t spend much time there because of this.

Brookview Playground 2

The Verdict

If you are local to the Brookview Playground, it is a great place to bring your little ones.  The equipment is a great size for your littles to be able to climb and play on.  However, if you have school-aged children, they might find this playground to not be very exciting and you may want to find another place to play with them.

Have you been to the Brookview Playground?  What was your thoughts?
Do you have a playground you would like to see us review next?


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