Local Playground Review | Spruce Village

spruce village

I’ve driven past the Spruce Village Playground several times and always said that I would take the kids there one day.  Well, one day finally came and we went out to play!  Here is my latest Local Playground Review | Spruce Village.

spruce village 1

There is plenty of parking on the street, so if you don’t live close, there is tons of available places to park.  The sign on near the entrance to the park says that this playground is suited for children aged 5-12.  I don’t think I’d agree with the sign but I understand its purpose.  The main equipment was small but my son did have a blast running around on it.  There is a small table with benches under the structure and a periscope for some imaginative play.  There was both swings for babies and older children, and plenty of benches and picnic tables for mom and dad to relax at.  The playground is surrounded by large fields so your kids can run off as much energy as you please!  Please do take note that the street is not far from the playground though and kids can easily get through the large wooden fence.

spruce village 3

The woodchips on the ground are a nice change from normal sand.  There is no dumping shoes out before you go but you do have to be careful because little ones will try to eat the chips.  Overall, my kids had a blast!  I wouldn’t recommend this playground for children much older as they may get bored with the size of the equipment and despite the signage, I think this would be a great playground for toddlers.  The height of the equipment would allow mom or dad to walk beside your little one as they play.

spruce village 4


Pack a picnic, Frisbees, and go spend a few hours at the Spruce Village Playground!  Your older ones may not enjoy the equipment but they can spend hours playing soccer in the vast space beside the playground while your little ones play.  Easy to get to by walking or by driving, this is definitely one playground you should check out!


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