Local Review: Hide N’ Seek Indoor Playground

I have been meaning to write a review on the “new” Hide N’ Seek Indoor Playground for some time now and since the weather has turned frigid there is no time like the present!

hide n seek

First off what I noticed first about Hide N’ Seek was the bright; clean appearance and the amount of space there is inside; of course being brand new I would expect nothing less!

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Another cool thing about Hide N’ Seek is the multiple play areas; in addition to the climbing and sliding area there is a section of trampolines (upstairs); a foam ball shooting-with-air-guns area (upstairs); two areas for arcade games (main level); a kitchen/shopping area and a toddler area!

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Having three children (age 3, 2 and almost 1), I really appreciate going to a facility that accommodates a variety of ages and abilites under one roof. All three of my children had fun playing in the various areas and did not want to leave when it was time to go!

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The first time we went to Hide N’ Seek I was nervous about keeping track of all three kids at once and was worried they would somehow get lost from me and panic would ensue but the second time we visited the “play place” (as my kids call it) that panic eased. There were times through out our visit when my older boys would run off and then come back a little while later to check in but no meltdowns or wounds to worry about. It also eased my stress knowing that they give you and your kids a stamp on the way in  (it is a series of numbers – your family all have the same numbers); they also check those stamps on the way out to make sure your kids leave with you.

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The only thing I really don’t like about Hide N’ Seek is the cafe; I appreciate that they have a cafe & tons of seating but the food was just not good at all. I found 90% of the menu to be fried and/or unhealthy foods (in my opinion) and extremely overpriced for what is was. I wasn’t thrilled with the food options and my kids really weren’t either (they hardly ate what I got for them) and the rule is no outdoor food allowed. I really hope the cafe adds some healthier options for kids (and they may have already).

In short, I really liked Hide N’ Seek Indoor Playground and I found it was a nice place to take kids from 0-5! Have you been? What would you add?



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      Hi Dorothy, Hide N’ Seek Indoor Playground is actually in West Edmonton. The address is 10830 170th Street

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    I agree. Found the cafe had horrible choices & overpriced.
    & then after we did buy something the floors, highchairs, & the tables were disgusting. If you spend that kind of money to eat there , it be nice if it was clean. They should have someone out there disinfecting & cleaning the area regularly.

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