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    J’Adore Dance mom & baby dance classes allow you to work out, have fun, and be close to your baby all at once. I’ve had to leave Strollercize several times because of a very upset baby, but baby loves to pump ‘n groove with me! It is the only postpartum activity I have been able to do that reliably makes us both happy every time!

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    Music together is the #1 best early childhood music and movement program in Edmonton! I brought all my children through the program and I have a better family because of it! If you are looking for more than just a day out with your kids you will enroll in a Music together class, it changed my life, and started my children down a path of musical bliss for the rest of there lives…

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    Ive been going to Music together for 3 years now,
    It has not only changed my life… But the way i see how my children
    Appreciate, respond, and develop musically…and its so much FUN!

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