Maplewood Farm: Family Fun on the North Shore

maplewood farm

If you’re looking for affordable family fun in Metro Vancouver, Maplewood Farm on the North Shore is a great place to visit. While they do charge admission, it’s much more affordable than many other local attractions. The affordability, plus all of the fun, have kept families coming for more than four decades.

Animals at Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm got its start as a commercial farm, but is now operated by the North Vancouver District Parks Department. Today this is a place where your little ones can see rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens and more. In all there are over 200 farm animals and birds. Some of them you can see from a distance, such as the pigs, cows and sheep. Others you can get up close and personal with.

For children, the goat enclosure, where both two-legged and four-legged kids can climb rocks and interact, is always a highlight. Keep your food out of the enclosure, and be warned that goats have been known to nibble on clothing. Beyond that, it’s lots of fun and makes for a great photo op.

Feeding Bunnies and Birds

The bunnies are a must-see highlight at Maplewood Farm, housed in their own building. You can feed them fruits and veggies you bring from home. Word to the wise: rabbits are actually not all that keen on carrots. They do, however, love dandelion greens. Since dandelions grow wild in Vancouver in pretty much all seasons, their leaves are easy to come by and make for a free bunny treat. Your children will love feeding weeds to their new furry friends, who will eagerly munch away.

maplewood farm

You can also purchase bird seed at the farm to feed to the ducks and chickens. While the birds won’t let you get close enough to touch them, it’s lots of fun to scatter seed and watch them jostle to get as much as possible.

More Family Fun

There’s a lot more to do at Maplewood Farm. Wander through the forested areas. Say hello to the turkeys. Take a pedal tractor for a spin. Check out the daily milking demonstrations. Attend a special event. You can even hold your birthday party on site. The farm is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from November to March, and daily from April to October, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

To find out more about Maplewood Farm, including schedules, special events, admission rates and more, visit

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