Modern Bump Brunch: Fitness Doula Kim Vopni

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As our November 27th Modern Bump Brunch approaches, let’s meet another one of our fabulous speakers and sponsors, Kim Vopni of Fitness Doula.

Kim is a personal trainer and pre and postnatal fitness consultant specializing in the pelvic floor. She is also an importer and distributor of pelvic floor and diastasis recti products.

Modern Mama: Tell us about your family?
Kim:  I live with 3 crazy boys – 2 are my children ages 7 and almost 5 and the other is my husband – I’m outnumbered!

Modern Mama: How long you have been in business?
Kim: I started distributing a product after the birth of my first son 7 years ago but it was very much a pastime while I worked in corporate Human Resources.  Little did I know what that pastime would turn into!  I incorporated my business in 2008 and it has been my main gig (aside from being a Mom) since Jan of 2009

Modern Mama: Why did you start your business?
Kim: I used a product in my pregnancy to help with pelvic floor function.  I had great success and decided to contact the company to see if I could be a distributor so I could make it accessible to other women. I was working in HR and my intention was to just make a few extra dollars while I climbed the corporate ladder and raised a family.

In late 2008 I was a bit disenchanted with working full time, 2 kids in daycare, and filling orders here and there. I decided that in a year I would focus on trying to grow my side business into something that would allow me to work from home. Then the recession hit and I was laid off from my HR job so I decided it was no time like the present!

I became a pelvic floor zealot and read anything I could get my hands on and took any kind of course available. I then learned about diastasis recti and I became an instant core function geek!

I continue to grow my business with passion because so many women suffer needlessly from core dysfunction and I am on a mission to educate women and help them heal.

Modern Mama: What is your goal and main focus of your business?
Kim: The main focus of my business is to educate women on preventive and restorative measures to help them preserve the function of their core (aka prevent abdominal separation, incontinence and organ prolapse). A major goal I have is to play a part in creating a funded postpartum core rehabilitation program that helps women recover from childbirth.  Pregnancy and birth are miraculous but can wreak havoc on our bodies.  We need our healthcare providers to play a more active role in our preparation and recovery.

Kim will be speaking about the pelvic floor at our Modern Bump Brunch on November 27th. Don’t miss our early bird ticket deadline (just $29), coming up on November 20th.

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