6 Must Know Businesses for New Moms

must know businesses

For those who don’t know Kimberly and I have four children between us (all under five) and in the past five years we have discovered some special businesses for Moms and Dads, many of which are located right here in Edmonton. While there are too many to list all of them, these six businesses are ones you will want to remember!

Yo Mama Maternity

Yo Mama Maternity specializes in trendy maternity clothing that is great from the first trimester all the way into the fourth trimester. They also offer nursing wear, pregnancy beauty products, accessories and baby gifts!

Yo Mama’s owners Schoena and Tara have dedicated themselves to creating a desirable and exciting shopping destination for moms to be. They are passionate about helping you to look and feel your best throughout your pregnancy and beyond! On a budget? Don’t worry, they can help you select the necessities from their own experience.

Yo Mama Maternity is located at 9522 170th Street, Edmonton and can also be found online at yomamamaternity.com. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

Yo Mama Maternity

Portage and Main

Portage and Main offers amazing clothing & accessories for your little ones, each item is designed with comfort and style in mind. They also offer a superb line of tanks and tees for adults too, my personal fave is “Moscato is My Spirit Animal”.

Owner Trish has been designing and manufacturing clothing for kids since 2012 and currently has over 20 retailers worldwide. The entire collection is designed in Edmonton where they also print and manufacture. The majority of their materials are imported from the USA from companies with ethical work practices.

You can find Portage & Main in various locations across Edmonton or online at shopportageandmain.com. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Portage and Main

559 Toys

Now we’ve covered clothing for Mama and Clothing for the littles, we can’t forget about Toys for the little ones too! 559 Toys are our favorites for a few reasons: quality, design and function.

559 is a toy company with a few basic beliefs about toys and children; they believe that the best toys for infants and children are: Beautiful, Interesting, Well-Crafted  (as children will be more interested in and take better care of a few quality toys, than of many poorly-made ones), Open-Ended  (or able to be used in a variety of ways, or in two or more of the 5 types of play), and Developmentally Nurturing  (a good toy can create growth in two or more of the 5 developmental areas or 9 different intelligences).

559 Toys are available for purchase at most family focused trade shows in the Edmonton area and online at 559toys.com. You can find 559 Toys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Hot Mama Fitness

Hot Mama Fitness offers various locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas with a mission to build community through family fitness. Their workout classes are designed for busy Mamas to bring their babies and/or toddlers with them so that they can empower parents to be healthy role models for their children.

Hot Mama Fitness offers locations through out Edmonton and surrounding areas; you can connect with Hot Mama Fitness SW on Facebook and Twitter, Hot Mama Fitness SE on Facebook & Twitter, Hot Mama St. Albert on Facebook and Twitter, Hot Mama Morinville/Sturgeon County on Facebook and Twitter, and Hot Mama Fitness Sherwood Park on Facebook and Twitter.

Hot Mama Fitness


Stratamark was specifically developed for treatment and prevention of all types of stretch marks, particularly those covering a wide surface area, resulting from pregnancy among other things. Stratamark is easily applied to all areas of the skin, and dries to form an invisible sheet, a protective layer that is gas permeable and waterproof which hydrates and protects your stretch marks, allowing the skin to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle.

Stratamark is available at select pharmacies in Edmonton and area and you can find more information on Stratmark and how it prevents and treats stretch marks at Arylide.com/Stratamark and on Facebook.



Lorraine Marie Fotography

Lorraine believes family photography should celebrate your life & all the little moments we take for granted.  “I love when I capture your little one jumping on the couch.. only to get a stern look from mom or dad..but secretly they’re smiling on the inside too. I love the playdough creations, the messy fingers, the walks to the park and imaginary adventures our littles take us on. The sandwiches being made for lunch, the hug at the leg, the tug at the skirt, the puddle jumping and cuddly moments that go unnoticed because as mom’s we get so busy. I love seeing little ones pick a bouquet of dandelions for mom and moms say “it’s the most beautiful bouquet in the world!”.

I believe that life is beautiful in all the moments and I want to be there to document them for you.”

Lorraine Marie Fotography specializes in telling your family story via photos, you can connect with Lorraine at www.lorraine-marie.com and on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Lorraine Marie


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