Popular Canadian Travel Destinations with Toddlers

canadian travel destinations with toddlers

Thinking of taking a little family trip within our great country? Wanting to explore Canada a little more, but have a toddler or young ones, and wondering what cities may be the best fit? Do you wonder what are some good choices for Canadian travel destinations with toddlers or babies?

Often the travel recommendations focus around kids that can do activities, need attractions, or host festivals all year long. However, when traveling with little ones, the opposite is actually needed. It is the chance to just go somewhere beautiful, somewhat peaceful, and take in some of Canada’s beauty. While, of course, enjoying yourself with the kids. Whether it’s camping you love, taking pictures of scenery, exploring a new culture/feel, and wanting to expose the little ones to that…Canada offers such a diverse and varied landscape of ideas for young family travel.

We have rounded up great suggestions of Canadian travel destinations with toddlers, or any age!

canadian travel destinations with toddlers

Montreal, QC

A little taste of European culture, without leaving the country.  Without having to do much, you will enjoy walking around the cobblestone streets with the kids, eating and taking pictures.

Okanagan – Osoyoos, Kelowna, Summerland, BC

Anywhere in the Okanagan is a win! Boating, a gorgeous lake, swimming, channels, theme parks, you name it! And wine is plentiful for when the kids go to bed.

Tofino, BC

Such beautiful beaches, the kids can play for hours from the comfort of quaint resorts and cottages along the water.


Whistler, BC

The beautiful town of Whistler hosts the best of winter activities, fun in the village year long, and lakeside fun in the summer. There is always something happening in Whistler.

St. Johns, NL

Whale watching galore. This is a great place to see Eastern Canada, the beauty and unique vibes.

Algonquin Park, ON

Kids love animals, and this area has boating, outdoor adventure, wildlife, camping and beauty.

Niagara Falls, ON

At any age, this town has charm, a buzzworthy vibe, activities and oh yeah one of the natural wonders of the world!

Banff, AB

No matter what season, there is real beauty here and is a must-see part of Canada (cuddle up in winter or go biking in the summer).

Prince Edward Island, PEI

Anywhere on our smallest province is a great, charming, wonderful place to take the kids. Whether is whale watching or mingling with other friendly Canadians, you will be happy you visited.


Do you have any to add to this list?


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