10 Rainy Day Activities to do Indoors

Ideas for spring on rainy day activities indoors with toddlers

With the arrival of spring comes flowers, fresh air, and well…rain. But Spring showers are no need to discount all the fun things we can still do with our little ones. We have some fun rainy day activities that you can try when you don’t want to brave the showers on any given day.

We have drummed up 10 ideas to keep your little ones entertained when skies are gray. All of these rainy day activities will keep you dry but thoroughly entertained.

10 Rainy Day Activities

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playscapes and play cafes are becoming quite popular nowadays, so much so that most metropolitan cities have at least one or two. Look up local listings for indoor playscapes, playground, play cafes or play places…they go by various names. However, the premise is providing a large or small area where kids can play and parents can watch while having a coffee. Some of them may have fees for the play areas, and some require bringing some socks, so just look them up before going there to be prepared.

Games Day

Plan an activities and games day at home! This is often much-needed and a great way to just bond with the little ones with things they can do at this stage. Don’t worry about chores and spend the day playing hide and seek, legos, puzzles (wooden ones are great at this young age), matching card games, and/or let them choose a game or two of their own.

Arts and Crafts Day

What a fun excuse to get crafty! Bring out the play-doh, crayons, glue, knick-knacks and washable paints and big pieces of paper! Get creative and let your kids’ imaginations carry them…perhaps do some finger painting, or colouring, or make a card or fun craft.

Visit a Local Aquarium

Because sunny days are mainly spent outdoors, rainy days make for great days for excursions. Going to the aquarium is so fun at any age, children love seeing the displays with fish, octopus, jellyfish and more! You will definitely get them excited and fill their day with wonder by visiting the under the sea creatures on any given day.

Baking Day

Make some kid-friendly treats which they can help with. These include things like pre-packaged cookies, muffins, brownies. Anything that you are comfortable doing, where they can help. Having them help mix or cut out cookie shapes, perhaps decorate cookies, will definitely bring smiles to their faces.


If you love to skate, and your little ones do…check out public skate times at your local rink. Most rinks allow you to take on strollers on to the ice now, so you can push your little ones along. If you have a toddler, there are ample aided tools such as mini chairs, cones and more for them to hold as they skate. It can be fun for all, if you love to get on the ice.

Forts & Movies

Do you remember blanket forts and tents? Carry on that fun with your little ones and build a fort together or a blanket tent or teepee. Spend the day watching movies or cartoons, and add a fun munchie to make it a comforting, simple yet fun day.

Indoor Basketball or Bowling

Set-up some fun indoor sports. Plastic bowling sets or plastic basketball hoops are great for indoor play and come with toddler sized balls. The kids will love setting up the pins and knocking them down or getting a chance to try and dunk a ball in a hoop. Believe it or not, these activities can occupy them for a while and you will have fun too!

Dance it Up

Get moving to some good grooves with the kiddies. Put on some jams, and jump and dance about! Take breaks and naps and do it again! The fun can go on. Take it one step further by setting up a small snack table like your own party.

Kid-Friendly Tea Party

Set-up a lovely tea party (without the tea of course). Have your little ones help you set-up their table with tea cups, a beverage of choice, some cookies and treats. Of course, include some of their choice guests such as stuffies or dolls to make the party complete. Play dress-up if they like and just go with it. These mini tea parties are so much fun and absolutely adorable.


So don’t get down when the weather is a downpour, the fun is endless no matter what!


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