Recap: Outdoor Workout with Hot Mama Fitness

hot mama

By: Meagan Emes, Modern Mama Edmonton Community Manager

Recently I participated in my very first outdoor fitness class with Jessica from Hot Mama Fit West Edmonton.

As a rule, I had always avoided outdoor fitness classes. In my mind, everyone who attends these types of classes were outdoor fitness class professionals and they would know immediately that I am not. Also, working out in a public park seemed scary because obviously everyone will be there to watch me.

Before taking the class I was so nervous about working out with my little. What if he cried? Where will he be? How will this work?!

From the moment I arrived Jessica and the others mama’s made me feel so welcome! I parked my stroller, quickly warmed up, and got right into the workout with the group.

A few minutes into the work out it started…my baby was fussing. I knew he needed his soother. Jessica was already heading over to his stroller, gave him his soother and he was asleep for the class! Jessica and her little mini are so great with all of the mini’s that come to her class which really allows for the mama’s to focus on their workout. The best part about the workout was that I really felt it, Jessica motivates you to really push yourself and give it your all to make the most of your workout.

TO my surprise, their were no spectators watching me, and no outdoor fitness class professionals. Not only did I get an amazing workout in the sunshine, I got a chance to connect with some other mama’s who were just like me.  We loved it so much we are already planning our next workout with Hot Mama Fit!

Thanks for the workout Jessica! You can connect with Jessica online at or on Facebook.



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