Setting Attainable Goals For Yourself With Aeryon Ashlie

setting attainable goals

Setting goals for yourself can be a hard thing to do. As a mom, when resolution time comes around, I have a hard time sticking to my convictions. Lots of things can get in the way as a parent but in the end we have to understand that we are our biggest obstacle. So in order to help keep us all on track we asked Aeryon Ashlie: a mother, fitness model, public speaker, coach and fitness competitor, just how we can focus on setting attainable goals.

With all her experience she had the best advice to help all of us stay on track.

Q: What is the most common hurdle you see people face when it comes to setting attainable goals? 

I believe creating huge goals with an unrealistic time expectation can often demotivate us. Instead try focusing on the smaller daily actions that can create lasting change. Just one small shift per day can create a lasting lifestyle change not just a quick fix. 

Also writing goals down, 80% of those who write their goals down actually end of achieving them. I carry a small list in my wallet that a slowly cross off.

setting attainable goalsQ: When it comes to setting goals what are your tips, tricks or tools?

I definitely am a big list/goal person. I have larger goals set for 1-10 years, then each month I create a goal action list for the different areas in my life. However, over the years I have learned to give myself the flexibility and permission to work within reason. Sometimes life is beyond our control and we must not punish ourselves if we need to allow extended time. That being said if I have to make allowances I don’t give up entirely I adjust and keep moving forward.

I have attached a Goal Setting chart I use plus I also share my goals with friends and family, I believe this holds me accountable to following through. 

Q: How do you set attainable goals for yourself and stick to them being a busy mom and professional?

I set daily and weekly smaller goals in each area of my life. I will admit I make notes to “move your body” each day as part of my fitness goals. This can consist of a workout, a run, playing with my daughter etc. 

Having those goals visible has created successful follow through in our home. We have a chalkboard in our kitchen with both my daughter’s and my goals for the week, each Sunday we look at creating new goals or adjusting existing ones.

Q: What do you wish everyone knew about setting attainable goals?

Goals become less of a burden when we keep in mind they keep us on track for the outcomes we want, whether it be in the physical, mental, social or emotional realm. Why we have these goals are then framed as helpful and purposeful, rather than another target that needs to be met.

It is not an all or nothing mentality. Goal setting can have fluidity. Being a busy, working mom on the go I have to be able to offer empathy when my goal timeline or the extent of my task needs to be adjusted. 

Q: If you were to give advice to anyone who feels discouraged about not meeting their goals what would it be?

That each day we can take little steps. For example going to the gym each day might not be possible if you are a single parent, but moving your body during family TV time is a way to include your kids and get your fitness in. 

There was a time when I had the goal of manager for our company, after reflection I realized that although my ego wanted the title it did not fall in line with my heart purpose. So after discussing it with family and friends I decided to that goal go. In turn I was able to focus on what I truly feel I am called to do.


We hope that with the help of Aeryon you will well on your way to setting some attainable goals that will bring you lots of success in 2018!

Aeryon Ashlie is an accomplished mother, fitness model, public speaker, coach and fitness competitor who is dedicated to sharing her story to inspire others. You can find out more about her on her:

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