5 Spring Cleaning & Organizing Tips

Today we are kicking off our count down to spring with an amazing giveaway and 5 Spring Cleaning & Organizing Tips from the experts at Nellies all natural. In the coming weeks we will be sharing spring ideas, crafts and garden activities and more! Without further ado here are some tips to jump start your spring cleaning.

Make a plan before you start
Have a tendency to get distracted while you clean and organize? It happens to the best of us. To stay on track, make a room-by-room list of tasks before you start, and strike them off as you go. The satisfying feeling of checking off your to-do list will keep you motivated. Turning up your favourite tunes helps, too!

Cut the clutter
Before you start really cleaning, scour each room in your house and remove unwanted items. With a box or reusable tote bag in hand, go through each room in your house. If you see clutter, clothes, or items that you just don’t use or need, put them in the box. Once you’ve finished, you can decide what you’d like to donate, sell or hold onto. This tip will help create space and cut back on your cleaning all year round. Quite simply: you don’t have to clean what you don’t have!

Let the air in
So simple, but so effective! With the chilly winter we’ve been having in Calgary, it’s easy to keep the windows locked up tight for months on end. Once the temperatures have returned to a tolerable level, crack open the windows regularly – about 15 minutes per day – and let that spring air breeze on through the house, freshening up everything in its path.

Hang out…side
Now that you’ve had a breath of fresh air in the house, step outside yourself with your laundry! After you’ve washed your bedding or towels with your Nellie’s all-natural goods, save your dryer a little work and hang up some of your bigger items to dry on a clothes line or rack outside. The fresh air with make everything smell even better.

Rip up your rags
Rather than piling up on paper towels or disposable sponges, give a second chance to your old sweatshirts or raggy t-shirts by cutting them into reusable rags for use around the house. After they’ve had enough of your elbow grease, you can throw em’ in the wash for the next big job.
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    I find making a list of things and rooms I want to organize helps so much! I go through my list and try to work on at least one thing a day! We’re already spring cleaning and every room in our house will have been gone through by the time I’m done!

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    My fave tip is to cut the clutter. It is the best opportunity to sell or donate items that have been sitting in my closet and occupying space and catching dust.

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    Don’t hold onto anything you havnt used within the past year. Declutter declutter ! Love when things are fresh !

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