Surviving Back to School with Pinnacle Vodka

Well we are half way through September and half way through the first month of school. My oldest son has just started Kindergarten and my younger son has started Preschool. While they are enjoying there first few weeks of school it has certainly been a big adjustment for all of us!

Having to be out the door early, spending the day away from home (and Mom) and learning a new routine have been stressful for my boys. While I’m certain they will get more comfortable with the new routine in time, right now I need a little help. That’s where my friend Pinnacle Vodka comes in, once my babies are tucked into bed I either take a nice long bath or binge watch one of my favorite shows on Netflix.


This lovely drink is super simple to make and is quite delicious! All you need is fresh or frozen raspberries, club soda and Pinnacle Vodka. Start by muddling (smooshing) the raspberries up with one ounce of Pinnacle Vodka, fill your glass with Club Soda and voila you have a delicious drink to sit back and relax with.


Another seasonally delicious drink is Pomegranate Mandarin Soda, it pairs especially well with Netflix & popcorn! All you need is Pomegranate Arils, Mandarin Oranges, Pinnacle Vodka and Club Soda. I started by combining my Pomegranate Arils with one ounce of Pinnacle Vodka, I let this sit while I juiced a couple mandarin oranges. I then combined my mandarin juice with my pom-vodka, followed by a splash of club soda.

With any luck we will get into the swing of back to school sooner than later, but probably just in time for winter break to mess with our schedule once again. Stay tuned for more seasonal drinks!


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