The Mom Sneak

Are you familiar with the Mom Sneak; you know where you sneak in some time to yourself sans kids. For some of us that might mean a closed pantry door with a sweet treat, an extended trip to the bathroom or “checking” the laundry in the laundry room. Well, what if I told you I also sneak an episode of my favorite Netflix shows in here and there as well; the ultimate Mom Sneak!

When my kids are playing outside, playing nicely in their rooms or are out in the garage with their Dad, I find a little time to sneak in an episode of one of my favorites. A recent Netflix poll showed that 58% of Moms are sneaking TV “Me time” in and they are watching Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Gilmore Girls, 13 Reasons Why, Friends, Fuller House, Pretty Little Liars and Shameless.

Personally, I have watched almost all of these shows and they are totally binge-worthy; since I don’t have the energy to stay up until 3 am watching my shows I sneak some time in through the day and evening. Tell me I’m not alone! Do you sneak shows in when you can and eat sweets in the pantry when the kids are pay attention?


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