Top 3 Must-Have Beauty Tips to (Fake) Looking Your Best

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By: Kristina Cross.

What do eye cream, a topknot, and espresso have in common?

They are the Top 3 Must-Have Beauty Tips to (Fake) Looking Your Best!

With two young kids at home, I often find it difficult to get ready in the mornings without having at least one of them knocking down the bathroom door. Because of this, getting myself ready has become a marathon of sorts, which I’m sure many moms can relate to. Here are my top three tips and tricks to fake it in the mornings:

1. Eye Cream

I just started using eye cream (gasp!) and it certainly brightens my eyes to make me appear more awake. Hey, we’re talking about faking it, right?

2. A Topknot for Foolproof Hair

Have one or two foolproof hair styles that take no longer than 5-10 minutes to execute just in case your curling iron decides to break down or your kid decides to break out in a major (timed) tantrum. My top go-to styles are a topknot bun and just plain bedhead (brushed and defined with finishing crème).

3. Espresso

Need I say more? I can’t express how much I depend on my Nespresso machine each and every morning. You have espresso at the touch of a button and by the time I’m out the door, I’m wide awake!

We’d love to know what your must-have beauty tips you use to (fake) looking your best!

Kristina Cross is a family & lifestyle blogger at SwankMama. She is also a wine lover and recovering shopaholic trying her best to live a healthier lifestyle (green smoothies anyone?). In addition, she constantly chronicles her daily activities on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@swankmama).

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