Top 5 Picks Around Vancouver Town: Early Summer

Around Vancouver Town

Science World

This is one of my favourite go to places when its either really hot or pouring cats and dogs. There’s always something new to see and do at Science World! For more information visit their website.

Do you have littles who are 5 and up?

There are some great day camps for them to take the pressure of you, mama. Then you can rest easier knowing that they are having fun and you are catching up on baby time, or just getting some rest!

Here’s my Top 5 Picks for (early) Summer Camp

While it’s unfortunate that the Teacher’s Job Action is highly inconvenient for parents and disruptive for our little’s schedules there are a few day camps popping up to ease the pain a little. And new experiences are always good so here’s my top 5 list. And don’t forget to save your receipts so you can claim some of the expenses!

1. Vancouver Aquarium

Hands on exploration, games and crafts will have your peeps interacting with ocean life and developing a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting our oceans. Click here for more information. Members get a 20% discount.

2. Phoenix Gymnastics

There is a daily swim & day cam that ends today, however if the Teacher’s Job Action continues, make sure to go to their website or give them a call to see what they’ll have for next week.

3. 4Cats

At the 4Cats Mixed Media Workshop, you’ll make beautiful art while you learn terms and techniques from a variety of artistic media. From Picasso to Duchamp, some of the world’s greatest artists loved mixed media. Ff the Teacher’s Job Action continues, make sure to give 4Cats a call to see what they’ll have for next week. Go HERE for more info about the Kerrisdale location.

4. Kung Fu Camp

And now for a little self defense. It is always a great time for kids to enjoy Kung Fu. It will help protect themselves from bullies and other potential threats when the teachers or supervisors aren’t looking….

Here are the top 5 benefits of Kung fu Yes System Summer Camps will help your littles, reduce stress, increase confidence and build their self esteem. For more information check out their website.

 5. And of course there is the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival as mentioned last week. I hope to see you there!

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Have a great weekend mama!

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