Talk to the Hand: Vancouver Baby Sign Language Classes

vancouver baby sign language classes

All mamas have had this experience: you know your little one wants something, but you have no idea what. The result? Frustration on both sides, and maybe even tears and temper tantrums. There is a solution, though. Vancouver baby sign language classes can help you communicate with your little ones before they can speak. Learning to form words is hard, so using hands is easier. And in our book, anything that makes life with a baby or toddler a little easier is a good thing.

One thing that parents worry about is that babies who sign will be late speakers. Research shows that this is not the case. Babies who sign actually develop their language skills more quickly, and have larger vocabularies as toddlers. Plus, if you join Vancouver baby sign language classes you’ll get out of the house, socialize with other mamas and maybe make some new friends. What have you got to lose? Here’s a brief sampling of classes that you might want to check out.

Vancouver Baby Sign Language Classes

vancouver baby sign language classes

Photo courtesy of Signing Babies

Signing Babies

Lee Ann Steyns is a Vancouver mama who discovered how well baby sign language worked with her own little ones. Now she teaches
Vancouver baby sign language classes – including free workshops – at locations all across the city.

Into Yoga

Into Yoga got its start in 1999 as the first mobile health and wellness studio in Metro Vancouver. Their offerings have now expanded to include baby sign language at locations across Metro Vancouver.

Adar Birth Services

Adar Birth Services helps Vancouver parents throughout pregnancy, labour, early infancy and beyond. They offer a number of events and classes, including My Smart Hands © Baby Sign Language.

Tiny Talking Hands

Amanda Percival is a Metro Vancouver mom who teaches the Baby Signs® program in Langley. She got her start with baby sign language when her son Kaelan was 10 months old and loved it so much that now she’s teaching.

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