Vancouver Mom and Baby Groups: Parent-Infant Drop-Ins

vancouver mom and baby groups parent-infant drop-in

One big question that new mamas have is how to connect with other parents who have babies around the same age. If you have friends or family members who had babies around the same time as you, this may be easy. If you don’t, though, you may find that while you still enjoy spending time with the people in your social circle, you want to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through. Luckily there are some great Vancouver mom and baby groups to check out. One of the best options is the free Parent-Infant Drop-Ins offered through Vancouver Coastal Health.

Make Connections at a Vancouver Mom and Baby Group

Parent and Infant Drop-In Groups are a place for new parents to connect with each other and with health care professionals. Each session includes a presentation on a health and development related topic. You’ll hear from a public health nurse or another expert such as a community nutritionist or dentist. This is a place to bring your baby, your questions and your concerns, and to find out about local resources.

The list of topics covered varies with the Vancouver mom and baby group and the week, but they run the gamut of issues new mamas encounter. You’ll hear about things like breastfeeding and nutrition, immunization, dental care, safety, adjusting to parenthood, returning to work and a whole lot more. There’s also lots of time to chat with other parents and get your questions answered by a public health nurse.

Friendship and a Free Outingvancouver mom and baby groups

Many Vancouver mamas who have attended a Parent-Infant Drop-In have made connections that last throughout their babies’ early years and even beyond. Because there are so many groups across the city you’re meeting the local parents that you’ll run into at the grocery store, on the playground, and later on in preschool or elementary school. Especially for moms who are on maternity leave, these connections can be a real lifeline. And since everyone there has a baby you don’t need to worry about bringing your little one along.

All of the Parent and Infant Drop-In Groups offered through Vancouver Coastal Health are free. Most are for parents and babies from birth to 12 months, however, there are also groups for toddlers as well. The Pacific Spirit Parent-Infant Drop-In Groups, in particular, have a variety of age ranges. There are also Chinese speaking and South Asian Vancouver mom and baby groups.

To find the group nearest to you, and when it meets, go to,-children-&-youth/parent-and-child-drop-in-groups

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