Adopting a Pet in Vancouver

vancouver pet adoption

Are you on the hunt for the perfect pet? We have the scoop on where to search for the newest addition to your family. And bonus points – with Vancouver pet adoption you won’t have to experience pregnancy and childbirth!

Vancouver SPCA

vancouver pet adoption kittenThe Vancouver SPCA offers dogs, cats and other animals for adoption. At the time of writing “other animals” include rabbits, guinea pigs and even a number of rats. You can search for your new pet online, and find out more about each of their animals, including whether or not they’d do well in a home with kids. Adoption fees range from $5 for small animals to $499 for purebred or toy size puppies under six months of age, and typically include the cost of spaying or neutering. Adopting a pet from the SPCA is a detailed process, but you’ll really know that your new pet is a great fit with your family.

Vancouver Animal Control

Vancouver Animal Control offers dogs and some other small animals – but not cats – for adoption. They have fewer animals in general than the SPCA, but they also offer online listings so that you can be sure to find the right fit for your family. However, these listings are only partial, so stop by the shelter to see all the adoptable pets. Adoption fees range from $5 for small animals to $275 for healthy, non-senior dogs, and include spaying or neutering. As with the SPCA adopting a shelter animal is a rigorous process, but you’ll have a great friend for life.

Vancouver Pet Adoption from Animal Rescues

vancouver pet adoption dogThere are a wide variety of rescue organizations that offer pets for adoption in the Vancouver area. The rescue organizations vary in terms of the animals or breeds they offer for adoption, their size, their facilities, their age and their philosophy. If you’re looking for a particular type of animal and you don’t mind adopting an adult pet, this can be a good bet. Be sure to ask questions about where their animals come from, how they’re cared for, and what kind of fit they will be with your family. You can expect a detailed and rigorous application process, to ensure that your new pet is really a forever friend. Here are just three local rescue organizations.


If you have your heart set on a particular breed or type of animal, or you really want a puppy, kitten or baby bunny, a breeder may be your best bet. It’s important that you find a responsible breeder, who is raising animals properly and socializing them well. The BC SPCA has tips for finding a reputable breeder, including a detailed application process and proper veterinary care. You will definitely want to look for a local breeder, so that you can visit in-person and ensure that the conditions are up to snuff.

No matter where you go for your Vancouver pet adoption, we hope you and your newest family member enjoy a long and happy life together!

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