Worst Apps for Kids: A Parental Advisory


We are living in the tech-savvy world of digitalization, where everyone, including our kids, has access to almost everything in this world. And to some extent, it’s good for them to learn many things through the internet today that develop their overall personality.

But hold on! Dear parent…

It’s just one side of the coin. The other side is, unfortunately, scary and unsafe.

Do you know your kids can unknowingly become victims of digital threats if they use any dangerous apps?

Why Are Some Apps Dangerous for Kids?

Some people use apps to stalk, harass, or abuse children. These apps look appealing to kids, making them addicted and exposing them to cyberbullying or harassment risks. At the same time, you might be interested in whether Is Minecraft Safe for Kids. In this article, we solve your doubts!

For instance, young kids, if not carefully supervised, can stumble upon violent, adult, or sexual content that is inappropriate for their age. Employing monitoring solutions like Eyezy is crucial to ensuring their online safety. Additionally, some apps may contain visible links that can lead them to pornographic sites, posing a risk to their developing personalities. Some other reasons why you need to watch out for dangerous apps for kids are:

In-app Purchases

Kids unnecessarily start purchasing and wasting money with some apps’ in-app purchase features. They don’t learn to value money.

Excessive Screen Time

When kids become addicted, they start spending hours on gadgets. This excessive screen time adversely affects their health, including their eyes and mind.

Lack of Educational Value

Some apps use bad words and slang that affect your child’s moral development. They also become unsocial and develop wrong attitudes toward family and relationships, often influenced by exposure to the worst apps. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep these harmful influences out of your child’s reach.

Impact on Sleep

Due to spending excess time on these apps, kids also face sleeping disorders that indirectly impact their health.

Parents should regularly monitor kids’ activities while using any gadget to prevent kids from such apps. The simplest way is to use Eyezy to track your child easily. It’s easy to install and gets the job done.


The Most Dangerous Social Media Apps for Kids

According to the monitoring software Eyezy, these are the three apps to watch out for.

  1. TikTok. It exposes kids to inappropriate content like sexual images, bad words, and self-harm videos.
  2. Snapchat. The disappearing messages feature during chat is the riskiest in Snapchat. Adolescents find a way to hide their conversations from their parents.
  3. Instagram. Besides being exposed to inappropriate and vulgar content, kids may also share their pictures and become targets for hackers.

The Most Dangerous Game Parents Guide

Parents must acknowledge that some online games are also dangerous for kids. They can result in severe consequences, such as addiction, depression, aggression, and even suicide among kids.

Blue Whale Challenge. The most dangerous game that led many children to attempt suicide. This game had several self-harming tasks that kids had to perform and soon became a topic of concern in many countries.

Fire Fairy. The game promised little girls could become fire fairies if they turned on their gas stove at midnight. Additionally, some children have experienced severe burns as a result.

Cinnamon Challenge. The game challenges kids to swallow a large quantity of cinnamon without sipping water. However, kids may not be aware that it’s not as simple as it seems and can pose a health hazard, yet they still accept the challenge.


Young kids or adolescents are curious to learn new things. So, whatever comes their way, they grasp it without knowing how harmful it could be in the future.

Parents must understand their responsibility of keeping an eye on their activities and guiding them throughout. However, in today’s busy world, it isn’t easy to constantly monitor children.

Software like Eyezy helps parents check kids’ messages and track other activities to prevent them from the dangers of using social media apps or playing online games.

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