10 Ways to Save on Your Next Local Getaway

Save on your next getaway

Looking for tips and tricks to save money?  If you are like me, getting away on a trip that is more than a few hours away is just not in the cards for us right now. Having two kids of a “bickering age” in the car for a long trip is not my idea of a vacation.  Then add the costs to travel a long distance, the meals, accommodation and costs to do activities are all  just so high. Finding ways to save on anything extra and fun is what most people are looking for these days.

This Spring break we opted to head out to a hotel about an hour away with a nice pool to get a little R&R.  While there I spoke with other guests and they gave me some useful tips and tricks on how to save money on future getaways.  Some I already practiced but some were new ideas to me, so I thought it was worth putting together a list to share.

Make sure you book a room that has a mini fridge or kitchenette in it. Packing cutlery, dishes and napkins are also a must.


  1. Book your stay for the least popular days of the week ie Check in sun-thurs.  The hotel also told me that the quietest days at hotels tend to be Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Make your reservation on a Friday or Saturday night – that is when the rates are usually the lowest for your stay.
  3. Bring snacks.  If you have kids you know how frequently they NEED to eat.   Packing pre cut veggies, fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, grapes), chips, popcorn, cookies, crackers, cheese and meat, juice boxes etc.
  4. Bring breakfast.  Cutting out the restaurant buffet or breakfast will save you extra time, allow you to get a little more shut eye and get you to the pool a little earlier.  Yogurt, granola, pre-cut fruit, berries, bagels and cream cheese/peanut butter or jam are all great healthy options that will get you by until lunch.
  5. Bring a slow cooker – you can prepare your meal while you relax at the pool.  This idea was given to me by another guest I was speaking to. I had never thought of that before.  But it would be easy to do – heat up chili or stew or pulled pork – the possibilities are endless.
  6. Bring reusable water bottles
  7. Download movies to watch on your devices or bring your roku/fire stick with you to access movies instead of purchasing through the hotels
  8. Bring your own alcohol and mixer to consume in your room and if they allow it at the pool
  9. Pack your own travel cups/mugs to enjoy your beverages at the pool (if allowed)
  10. Most rooms have keurig machines – plan to bring your own coffee pods/cream and sugar.

Other tips are to avoid the in-hotel gift shops and convenience store.  Kids are always tempted by the items in the gift shops.  Perhaps planning to pre-purchase something new and exciting for them that you give them on your getaway would help keep them entertained.  Bringing coloring books or a drawing pad with crayons and some books are a great way to help them fill the “lull” times. I have also heard that when booking your hotel, if you call the hotel directly and ask them if they will beat the lowest price you found online, they will likely comply.  Apparently hotels have to pay a fee for the online bookings and by booking direct with the hotel it will save them money too.

Getting away can be stressful and expensive but also a lot of fun.  Hopefully some of these tips and tricks will help reduce the stress and need to spend money.


Do you have any tips and tricks for saving money on holidays?  Do you have any favorite local vacation spots?

Enjoy your getaway!

Tina Evans

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