3 Tips for Some Much-Needed “Me Time” This Year

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By: Susan Bodack

Me Time for the New Year and Beyond!

Ahhhh. I can’t wait for the warmer weather, mama. And while it may only be January we can still dream. If you follow these awesome tips you’ll be well on your way to be on top of your game come beach time.

When most women think of New Year’s Resolutions it always seems that weight-loss, working out, eating better or some other “physical” focus is at the top of the list. Granted, those are highly-beneficial things to strive for, but let’s say you lose 20 lbs or add 2 extra sets onto your workout routine, but you’re still frazzled, snappy and anxious. Is that really enjoyable for yourself and those around you?

So while we definitely recommend you find ways to take better care of yourself physically, we really want to encourage you to look for ways to take better care of yourself emotionally and mentally this year.

3 Tips for Some Much Needed (and well-deserved) “Me Time”

1. Get moving

Ok, so we just said not to strictly focus on your diet and workouts, but the important thing here is your motivation. You deserve to be healthy, to feel good and to be able to play with your children for as long as you possibly can. Don’t go lift weights if you hate lifting weights, and don’t force yourself to run if your joints despise it. Go swimming, take a nature walk, play tennis, do yoga– whatever floats your boat.

This isn’t so much about the physical transformation as the mental restoration that can come from a few minutes of physical activity. Obviously all that scientific stuff about releasing endorphins during exercise isn’t bad either.

2. Learn something

If the most complex thing you think about during the day is the ABC song, it might be time for a little mental stimulation. It’s easy to fall into a slump and begin to feel less and less like your old self. Take up a new hobby or interest, preferably one that can be shared or done with other adults. Sign up for a class in your craft of choice, attend a lecture series, volunteer at an animal shelter, take piano lessons–whatever piques your interest!

If the thought of an insect series at the zoo excites you, sign up. If you’ve always wanted to take a photography course but can barely use auto-focus, don’t be intimidated to take some classes. Trying and learning new things is rejuvenating to the brain, helping you to feel more youthful.

3. Give back

There’s something so rewarding and so refreshing about giving back. Remind yourself how blessed you really are by serving the less-fortunate or simply doing something good in a way that speaks to your heart. Volunteer at a nearby nursing home and feel like you’ve been doted on by 20 new sets of adoring grandparents, plant flowers at your local park, volunteer to help with neglected animals, donate time at a battered women’s shelter or sign up for a program that helps sick or underprivileged children.

The possibilities are endless. Pick a cause that you believe in and always pay it forward.

This year, resolve to put yourself first once in awhile and do something for you!

Susan manages the blog and is the Social Media Marketing Manager at InStyleSwimwear.com–a Philadelphia-based internet retailer specializing in stylish designer swimwear, cover-ups and accessories. Although she’s not a mom quite yet, Susan recently got engaged and plans on expanding her family within the next couple of years. In her spare time, Susan enjoys exercising, exploring the great outdoors and spending time with her fiancé, family and friends. To read more of Susan’s work or to stay up to date on the latest swimwear styles and trends, visit them today!

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