3 Ways We Can Feel Beautiful as Mothers


By: Tairalyn Ciulla


We all have a feature, or features we love of ourselves, simply done. PLAY THEM UP!
Base your outfits on this fabulous feature, and your steps taken will make that much more of an impact. A confident woman, is a beautiful woman, no matter what she wears. HOW TO: Stand in the mirror and compliment yourself. Find your features you’re most fond of; eyes, hair, waist, bust, legs, whatever it is, “frame them”, each and everyday. Wear something that flaunts them best, something that shows them off, one will never regret an outfit that that makes them feel beautiful. TIP: If your favorite feature happens to be your bust or legs, remember  to keep it classy. Nobody ever compliments a skirt too short of a shirt too low. honest.
WATCH ME: Here I’ve featured my waist and bust wearing one of the hottest trends this Spring, the Maxi Dress. Pairing it with some of my favorite accessories and a leopard headscarf  I give this rather plain, but heavenly dress, some personal style.  


Trends come and go, it’s style that lasts a lifetime. Since high school, I’m sure your style has changed, since college I’m sure your style has changed, and since becoming a mother I’m sure your style has changed. Personal style is upgraded as we age, it’s natural and it’s beautiful. HOW TO: What the key is, is to stay true to yourself at the root. From our styles changing as we mold into our new positions as mothers, it’s good to try seasonal trends but ensuring that we make them work for us. Adapting is what we do best, so why not mold a trend to flatter us versus fail us? TIP: Be yourself, wear what makes you smile from the inside out, and never let anyone change your style. Style is a personal preference,  and the only one who writes your fashion story is you. WATCH ME: Here I’ve made the trend “wide leg trouser” work for me. Normally boxing out from above the knee, I have gone with a wide leg jean starting just after the knee. Still giving the wide leg effect, but not making my thighs looks any bigger {than they already are}.  


Always make time for yourself. Easier said then done, this I know, I struggle with this often. However feeling beautiful inside, shows a world of difference on the outside. Many woman loose themselves after becoming a mother, I still can ever now and again. Its convenient and thoughtless, some-days we need this, and that’s okay. HOW TO: Giving yourself 10 minutes each morning to beautify will make more of an impact on your day than you know. Whether it’s with make-up, or treating your skin to some scrumptious body cream, or simply styling your hair in the newest trend you saw in the pages of LOULOU. It must be done, and we all know its well deserved. TIP: Have a busy toddler, then I say get your kids involved if leaving them alone is not an option. My daughters thoroughly enjoys patting on my finishing powder and holding my brushes as I primp. Anything to get that time to do what makes me feel fabulous. 

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