4 Baby Registries with Perks


Congratulations!  You are going to have a baby! 


Now you get to start planning for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.


Creating a baby registry can be very helpful in the planning process. I have talked with a lot of new parents that don’t know what they need for their baby. As you start to think about what you want for your baby you can use your registry to make a list. This will help you keep track of what you have thought about and what you still need. All of the items you put on your registry can be edited at any time. Make sure you include the big items as well. Some people like to buy a gift as a group so they can purchase a higher priced item. 

Registries are very easy to share with friends and family.  All you need to do is tell them the website and they can look it up by using your name. This will help them pick out a gift of something you want and need. Lots of people love to be able to get you what you want and not have to hunt for it. Make sure you share your registry with all the guests that are invited to your baby shower. 


I have put together a list of 4 stores you can create a baby registry with. Each of these stores offer coupons and a free gift when you create a baby registry with them. If you are up for it, you can create a registry at all of them or pick the one that works best for you. 


Babies R Us


You are able to register and add items online or instore. Make sure you click yes to signing up for emails, as this is the way they send you your coupons. 


  1. Receive an email with a $25 off coupon once you add 25 items or more to your registry
  2. You will be able to pick up, in store, a bag full of baby samples and coupons once you have added 25 items or more to your registry
  3. You will receive an email with a coupon for 10% off remaining items on the registry when you reach your due date or 15% off if you are an R Club member. Sign up for R Club here
  4.  Easy extended returns of registry items




  1. Free gift for Prime members once $25 or more is purchased off the registry
  2. Huge selection of baby products and easy delivery
  3. Prime members save 15% on eligible items around their due date. Non prime members save 10%


BuyBuy Baby


  1. Receive a bag with samples and coupons. Must be picked up in store.
  2. 15% off remaining items on your registry
  3. Simple returns


Indigo baby


  1.  Welcome gift – Indigo baby memory book (mailed to you)
  2. Coupon for 20% off remaining items on registry
  3. Easy returns and exchanges

To receive these offers you must first become a plum member. Second,  sign up and receive emails. Third, have 15 different items added to your registry. Fourth, have $50 or more purchased from your registry. Fifth, be within 60 days of your due date.


Have fun making your list and share some if the items you added to your registry in the comments below!

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