14 Practical Gifts for New Parents

new parents

When you walk into a baby store to find a gift for new parents, you can see there are numerous options. It can be a little over whelming to decide what to give. Most people want to give presents that will be used and loved.If these practical gifts for new parents sparked a product idea that you’re considering turning into a business in the Golden State, here’s a guide on how to start an llc in california . Turn your innovative ideas into reality! A popular gift is a baby blanket because it is warm and soft. One problem with this gift is that parents can be given more baby blankets then they will ever use. Don’t get me wrong, a homemade blanket from family or friends is very special and a keep sake, but the blankets from the store only get uses a few times before they are outgrown.

Hopefully, the new parents have made a baby registry and you can look on their registry to see what they want for their new baby. If they have not put together a baby registry, here is a list of gift ideas that a new parent will use and love. Most of the items listed below new parents will want multiples of, so you will not have to worry that they may already have it.   


Stain stick

Babies’ clothes can get stained from spit up, poop explosions, and food once they start eating solids. It is very helpful to have a good stain stick to keep those clothes looking clean. 



Babies go through 1000’s of diapers. Think about getting different sizes as a gift. 

Have you heard of Soiled Diapers? They are a diaper composting service here in Calgary. Buy a gift card for their services and help keep these diapers out of the landfill



With the need of so many diapers, there is a need for so many wipes. Big boxes of wipes will help with all those diaper changes.



These are a great add on gift. Tiny babies’ fingernails are soft, sharp and grow really fast. These mittens help keep babies from scratching their sweet faces.

new parents

Clothes in a bigger size

Babies grow a lot in the first few years. If you are wanting to gift clothes, consider a bigger size for the baby to grow into. 


Baby washcloths

Little washcloths help get into the baby’s rolls and clean their neck where milk likes to hide.


Hooded towels

After bathing a baby, being able to put them in a hooded towel will keep them warm and covered up. 

new parentsSleep sack

Babies are not to have loose blankets in their bed. Sleep sacks are a great way to keep your baby warm, comfortable and safe while they sleep. 


Nose Frida or HydraSense

I feel so bad for a baby that is stuffed up. The Nose Frida or HydraSense are great products that will help your baby be less congested.


Vitamin D

It is recommended that babies take Vitamin D.


Itzy ritzy 4 in 1 Cover

This item is a car seat cover, nursing cover, cart cover and scarf. Sometimes nursing mothers need a scarf to cover up unexpected leaks or spit up. 


Video monitor

These baby monitors can give peace of mind to parents. Being able to check on your baby anytime without the chance of waking them up by going into their room. 

new parents

Freezer meals

New parents are focused on their new bundle of joy and they should be. Having freezer meals helps make meal time easy and fast. The first few weeks after having each of my babies’, food tasted the best it ever has. 


Baby books

Help start a baby’s book collection. Give them one of your favourite books. It is never too early to start reading to your baby. 


If you have a favourite gift you love to give new parents, please share it with us in the comments below.

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