4 Benefits to Memory Foam Bra Cups


In the 1960s, NASA invented memory foam, originally called temper foam, as a material for airplane seats. However, the versatile material proved to offer benefits far beyond what its designers imagined. Today, memory foam is used to make more durable and comfortable bras. Here are a few of the benefits they offer.

1. Feels Like Second Skin

One of the key characteristics of memory foam is that, as it warms up, it changes its shape to any configuration. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers in the sleep industry make mattresses out of memory foam. If you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the material molds itself to the shape of your body and provides support without creating pressure points.

Memory foam bra cups do the same thing for your bosom. They mold themselves to the exact size and shape of your breasts. A full coverage bra with memory foam cups could give you the best bra fit of your entire life.

2. Supportive Enough for All Day Wear

Memory foam is a sturdy material. Its original purpose was to absorb shock in the event of a plane crash. The idea was that the foam would absorb the impact in the event of a crash, preventing injury to the occupants of the airplane.

Testing demonstrated that memory foam was very effective at absorbing the force from an impact. Because it is such a sturdy material, it provides adequate support for you to be able to wear it comfortably all day long. This is welcome news if you have to wear a bra for eight, 10, or even up to 12 hours a day and find that it typically starts letting you down before that point.

3. Retains Its Shape

Have you ever wondered how memory foam got its name? It is because even if the foam is bent or twisted out of shape, it will always return to its original configuration. In other words, the foam “remembers” its original shape and always returns to it.

This means that T shirt bras that have memory foam cups always go back to their original shape even if you fold or bend them out of shape. The memory foam will remove any creases that you put in the material as it returns to its original shape because that is the nature of the material.

4. Lasts a Long Time

Because memory foam is so sturdy and durable, it lasts a long time. A mattress made of memory foam can last for eight to 10 years, two to four years longer than a traditional spring mattress. A bra made of memory foam is likely to last many years as well.

A long-lasting bra offers several potential advantages. The longer your bras last, the less often you have to buy new underwear. Therefore, it could save you money in the long run. You also reduce the amount of waste you produce when you can wear your bras for a long time and don’t have to keep throwing them away and buying more.

Memory foam bras are available for sale online. Shop around to find a reputable dealer.

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