4 Must-See Places in Pemberton for Families

**This is not a sponsored post. All opinions below are my own**

Pemberton is located about 2 hours away from Vancouver. This gem is often overlooked as a destination as it is so close to Whistler, BC. This is a perfect destination to visit for someone who loves the outdoors. There are fantastic hiking and biking areas, as well snowmobiling and split boarding spots. There are many beautiful camping sites and is a short drive to the slopes in Whistler. Pemberton is a great option to visit as a family but also a romantic weekend getaway option.

North Arm Farms

1888 Sea to Sky Highway 99


  • This farm has seasonal organic you pick berries and pumpkins.
  • They serve breakfast and lunch.
  • They have delicious Ice Cream.

Mile One Eating House

7330 Arbutus Street


  • They have fantastic customer service.
  • They serve large affordable portions.
  • There is no deep frying processes used in their kitchen.
  • They serve hormone, steroid and antibiotic free meat.

Joffre Lake

Duffey Lake Road, Mt. Currie


  • Dogs are prohibited.
  • Camping available here.
  • Not recommended for swimming.
  • The first lake is a 15 minute walk but the second and third lakes are accessible via a 2-4 hour hike.

Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Sea-to-Sky Highway


  • Hike to falls is approximately an hour round trip.
  • Trail is mostly flat but can be quite narrow in sections.
  • Camping available here.
  • Home to the rubber boa but its nocturnal habits mean it is rarely seen.














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