5 Ideas on how to spend a “me” day (in the Fraser Valley)

Me time

One of my new years goals was to set aside one evening per week where I did not go home from my day job and instead I met up with friends or had a “me” night out.   I have managed to get out almost every week once since I started beginning of January.  Sometimes I take myself out and sometimes I meet up with the girls.  From  dinner, coffee or tapas to spending the evening in a float tank or salt chamber, there are lots of things to do that are close to home.

I have noticed that the few hours a week has really helped my mental health.  It is so important to have time for yourself. I  recently read an article put out by the NY Post that said parents get about 32 min of “me time” per day.  Another article by the Washington Parent, said “me time isn’t a luxury it is a necessity” and to ?Resist guilt feelings. Think of “Me Time” as Self-FULL (not selfish) time. You are filling yourself with what you need to thrive so you can give back to your family.”

It is a lot harder to carve out time for yourself and when you do it does not always seem to go the way you NEED it to.  This is why I don’t come home after work on the day that I get me time.  If I do, I will never get out of the house.  Someone will need me, I will see dishes or things out of order and feel the need to tidy them.  I will get distracted or pulled into something and before you know it my “me time” is up.

Here are a few options i have found to help me utilize my valuable me time.


1.Dinner Out

There are lots of options for eating out in the Fraser Valley. Some of my favorite places are Brodeurs Bistro (Abbotsford), Olive Garden (Langley), Browns Social House, Trading Post, Indias Most Wanted (Aldergrove), Dosa Club (Abbotsford), Hawthorn’s Pub (Surrey), Rocko’s Diner (Mission), 14th Ave Pub (Mission), Paliottis (Abbotsford & Maple Ridge), Greek Islands (Chilliwack & Abbotsford).

2. Hot beverage at a local coffee shop


There are way too many to list.  I have been avoiding Starbucks and trying local smaller coffee shops.

3. Share plate and drinks

I recently discovered “Revive Boutique Bistro” in Abbotsford and it is amazing.  The bistro is also a store and just about everything in the store is for sale.  You can sit at a table or in a private room.  The menu has a variety of share plates, flat breads, desserts and beverages.  They do wine tasting and event nights.  It really was the perfect spot to meet up with the girls to catch up and decompress from our busy week.

4. Float tank and/or salt chamber

For years I have enjoyed the tranquility of floating in a salt water tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank.  Even if it to get some extra zzz’s in.  I have read that 1 hour in a float tank is equivalent to 4-6 hours of traditional sleep. I do feel more refreshed and rested after a session in the tank.  On top of the extra zzz’s float tanks are a great way for your body to absorb magnesium, it helps to reduce inflammation and pain and has a positive effect on your immune system.  Helping you destress reduces anxiety and depression too.  Average one off sessions are around $90 with discounts when you buy multi-packs.

I recently discovered salt therapy at Zen Natural Wellness.  Also known Halotherapy or dry salt therapy originated centuries ago in Eastern Europe.  The idea behind salt therapy is that it is mother natures way of cleansing.  Cleaning your lungs/respiratory system and boosting your immune system. Salt therapy provides relief from respiratory and skin conditions such as allergies, asthma, colds/ flus, respiratory and sinus infections, COPD, eczema and psoriasis.

5. Hang out at your local library

There have been several times where I have found myself at the local library.  There is something about the quiet and getting away from the chaos and noise. I have enjoyed looking at books and reading magazines in a comfy chair in peace.  Cause the library is quiet, have I mentioned that yet?  lol.  It is a great place to be able to hear yourself think.


What do you do to to get away for a few hours?  I’m always looking for new ideas and suggestions.  Drop me a comment below if you have some Fraser Valley must try places.


Tina Evans

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