5 Reasons You Are Good Enough


By: Kristin Auer

Mothers come from all backgrounds, and in all shapes and sizes – but there are twothings we all have in common: for one, we sometimes doubt that we are the best mothers we can be for our children. The other thing we have in common? We all are the best mothers our children can have.

Yes, you are a good enough mother, in fact you’re the best one your children can possibly have.

Here’s why:

You know best.

Nobody knows your child like you do. You can make the call whether it’s serious or not, and you are their best advocate for all their medical and educational needs. You’re the one who will stand up for them and demand that they get what they need to thrive – and you make sure they get it.

You are not alone with your doubts.

That’s right, if you think “I don’t know if I’m a good enough mom”, you can bet that every other mom you know has thought exactly the same thing at one point or another. There’s a lot of “me too!” – you are not alone, and you are good enough!

Sometimes you make a mistake – and that’s ok.

Children are resilient, and you are human. Sometimes the bloating turns out to be an ear infection after all, and you’ll do what it takes to make it better. It’s how we learn and grow as mothers and our children turn out all right in the end.

You worry about whether you are a good enough mom.

Of course, you do. Because you want to make sure you do the best possible job (after all, parenting is a job. A really hard one!). You educate yourself about your choices, decide carefully, and get the job done passionately – day or night. Your child sure is lucky to have you!

You take care of yourself.

(You do, right?) When you’re on a plane and the cabin pressure drops, oxygen masks appear overhead. You have to put the mask on yourself first, before you help anyone else – including your child. Why? Because if you’re passed out, you can’t help anyone at all. You can take care of yourself in many different ways; it does not have to be a whole day at the spa (let’s get real here, that probably won’t happen on a regular basis). It can be as simple as taking three deep breaths and counting your blessings. Or sneaking a quick nap instead of a shower. Or a short phone call with a friend. Anything that puts a smile on your face counts!

Remember you are not alone, and you are the best mama your child can possibly have. You got this!

Kerstin Auer is a freelance writer and life coach, and lives with her husband, two children, and a dog in Merritt, BC. She loves supporting women in their quest for personal growth and has developed a series of self-coaching workbooks called “tools for better”. Find her at www.kerstinauer.com

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