5 Steps to Start a Mom Blog

Starting a mom blog is a HUGE task but us here at Modern mama are always here to help you out on your endeavors and blogging just so happens to be something we love to do!

You’ve been thinking about it, you know you have.


You’ve seen other bloggers do cool stuff like review products, create great content and attend events and you’d like to be doing that too.


Maybe you just want to put your savvy self out in the digital world and share your amazing finds, inside info with moms in your circle.


You can. So, let’s get started! Here’s the blueprint you need to get started.


You need to buy your domain name (yoursitename.com or .ca) and set up your blog on a host.

TIP: Make sure your domain and blog name (ideally both the same) are available on all social networks first!

There are free options out there, like Blogger/Blogspot WordPress.com and build-your-own like SquareSpace, but again, if you’re going to do this, do it right. Start with a self-hosted site on a WordPress frame. This means you buy the domain name and host on your own server through someone like Bluehost.

  1. Start by searching your desired blog names to see if the domain name exists.
  2. Find a hosting company you feel comfortable with (I use Bluehost) and chose a basic hosting plan (paid).
  3. Purchase your domain name through your host, or netfirms.ca if you want the .ca domain (paid).
  4. Install WordPress on your host.
  5. Buy a WordPress theme or use the free ones. I love searching for blog themes online to see all the beautiful designs to choose from (paid).


Many bloggers use their own name or a cutesy title that they feel encompasses who they are. This is, of course, tied to Step 1 when you bought your domain name.

Then, you need a logo, colours, look and feel for your site and your ideal reader.

Put together all of the above in a handy little document for yourself so you always refer back to it when creating graphics, posts, and communicating with your readers.

You can hire someone to create your logo and branding for you (which I recommend) or you can search for premade logos on a site like Etsy or Creative Market.

If you’re going to take this seriously and try to make money writing and promoting your blog, you need to have a solid branding strategy from the start.


Think about your reader. You described them in your Branding in Step 1. Write for them. Is it your friends/family?

Think beyond them and pick a niche:

  • Fashion?
  • Food and recipes?
  • Family and advice?
  • Physical health and wellness?
  • Pets and pet care?
  • Travel?

Once you have selected a niche, brainstorm a list of at least 30 blog post titles for your first few months. Every few months you’ll want to expand on this list.

Will you post weekly? Daily? Create an editorial calendar in Excel or Google Docs (or even use a WordPress Plugin) to help you plan ahead.


How will you tell the world about your blog and all your great content? How will you reach your ideal reader you described in Step 1?

  • Social Media (set up your channels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube)
  • Create an email newsletter
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Ask other bloggers for support in exchange for yours


Be sure to have about 5 posts up on your blog before you launch and tell the world!

Then it’s as simple as utilizing your promotions strategy you created in Step 4 to spread the world.

Do you want our step-by-step blueprint to start your blog? It’s a two-page checklist that will guide you through the steps I’ve outlined here.

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