5 Things: Links We Love


Happy New Year, we are back with our weekly five things post!  So many great articles this week…

7 Habits that will Transform your Health and Happiness

A great article including how to meditate, buying less, finding your passion and more. I will be watching the video on learning to meditate (a resolution of mine).

How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes or Less

The Sits Girls site is an amazing resource for blog writers.  With lots of writing prompts and tips for blogging, it’s a bookmarked site for me. Happy Blogging.

Eat Healthier in 2014

I am willing to bet that many of you put something to do with food consumption, healthy eating or weight loss on your New Year’s resolution list, or included it in your list of goals for 2014.  This post is a simple yet fantastic 9 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy via the Luxe Life.

Be Less Busy

Busy is a word that holds with it a bit of a vanity, especially when overused.  I have long since disliked the word and have attempted to banish it from my vocabulay.  This article titled ‘Busy Isn’t Respectable Any More‘ says it perfectly.

Ramp Up Your Beauty Routine for the New Year

Leave it to Refinery 29 to tell us how we can Up Our Beauty Game in 2014.  A great exfoliation reminder (I love my Olay cleansing brush) and the simple hair-up-do instructions are fun.









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