5 things – recipes


For this week’s five things, I picked five recipes I want to try!

I adore Pinterest. You all know that by now, I’ve been raving about it since I first discovered it a year ago. I’m not a foody, but you can’t help be swept up in the ‘I must try that‘ of Pinterest.  So today’s round up is five recipes in my foody board on Pinterest that I want to try!

1 | Popcorn Cake.  Popcorn, M&M’s and marshmallows, need I say more?  This looks simply sinful and scrumptious.

2 | Egg muffins.  No carbs, high in protein, perfect!  Plus, I bet the kids would eat these.

3 | Taco casserole.  Who wouldn’t love the idea of throwing all the taco ingredients into one dish and baking it?

4 | Vanilla pudding sauce for pancakes or waffles?  Yes Please!!

5 | We all love lasagna, right? Mini Lasagna‘s for the win!  This recipe seems easy, yummy and fun for the kids to partake in making too!

Need some baby food recipes, try this site.  Toddler meals are sometimes challenging, but just type ‘toddler lunch’ into Pinterest’s search function and you’ll have hundreds of new ideas!



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