5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids at Home


By: Haley Lorraine


If you want to create better photos of your kids at home you need to know how to find great light. Windows let in gorgeous, flattering natural light throughout most of the day.

Pick a window with a northern or southern exposure. This will provide soft, indirect light all day long.  Shut off all other lights in the room so you only have one light source. Position your child where you want them and watch how the light falls. Adjust your curtains/blinds to get more or less light. Move around and capture images from different perspectives.

TIP: Having your child facing the window is a great way to capture those little white reflections of the light in their eyes called catchlights.



No you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees and start scrubbing the floors. What I am suggesting is taking a moment BEFORE you start shooting to reduce clutter in the background. This will help to make your subject the focus of your image.

TIP: Continue to watch as you move around shooting to make sure you don’t have any distracting elements in the background.


The best way to get kids interested is to make it FUN. Have them do something they love. Painting, reading, playing with a favourite toy, baking, – the list goes on. If they are actively engaged they are more likely to stay where you want them (in that great light and clutter free location) so you can create the image you want.

Tip: Set up the activity in a spot you have already determined has great light. Invite your little ones to come do the activity. Once they are engaged, bring out the camera and start taking a few pictures.


In this age of digital photography we don’t need to be afraid of shooting lots of images. I encourage you to click away and when you think you have enough, take a few more. Shooting many images, from several different angles will quickly create variety. It will also allow you to experiment, see what works and improve your photography skills faster. Look through the images and pick out the best – the best expressions, the best moments, the best light…whatever seems to be the BEST for you.

TIP: Select your favourite images and delete the rest.


Having your camera close at hand and a charged battery can make it much easier to catch those moments that happen so quickly. If you have to go find your camera, charge a battery, or format a new memory card you will likely have missed the moment.

Tip:  I like to keep my camera on a shelf in our family room where it is easily accessible for those moments that just happen.

Haley Lorraine is a lifefestyle newborn and family photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Her work has been described as personal, relaxed and full of natural connections. Haley believes family photographs looks so much better in print; whether bound into a beautiful album or displayed on the walls of your home so you can enjoy them each and every day. Haley is the mother of three little ones who have helped shape her vision and fuel her creativity. Follow her latest work on Google+ or Instagram.

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