5 Tips to Increase Effective Communication with your Toddler


By: Julie Romanowski

Communicating with young children can be a challenge! Most Parents complain that their kids just don’t listen well! Come join us at TODDLERFEST to find out more about how to improve listening and communication with your kids. We’ve provided a few tips to help in this area so that everyone feels heard & happy!

Top 5 tips to increase EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION


Acknowledge and affirm what your child is saying and expressing.  This doesn’t mean they are going to get what they want, it’s just way to let them know that you hear them. This can deflate resistance & tantrums right away.


Ensure your child knows and understands the expectations and boundaries throughout the day. This can help kids feel more secure and increase independence and confidence.


The continuous action, routine and expectations each and every time helps provide self-security and clarity. This is usually the most challenging for most Parents.


Give children verbal & visual announcements to allow them time to process and prepare for what’s coming next. Anywhere from 1-5 minutes is enough time for kids under 5 years old.


Offer options for kids within your desired outcome. This can help kids feel that they are important and have a say in what goes on in their lives. Try to avoid yes or no questions but rather verbally offer kids actual choices for them to pick from. Visuals are a great way to achieve this in a fun and effective way.

I am looking forward to seeing you at TODDLERFEST on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 from 6-9pm at CEFA South Surrey & Panorama location. Julie Romanowski from Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consultant services will be there in person, to present this topic live as well as answer any questions on this topic and more!

Julie Romanowski is a mom, an Early Childhood Consultant and owner of ‘Miss Behaviour: parenting coach & consulting services’, the children’s behavior & discipline specialists! Learn more through her e-newsletter, tips & blog at www.missbehaviour.ca

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