5 Things: Apps, Sites and Things I Love


For this week’s Five Things, I wanted to share with you 5 Things I couldn’t live without: apps, sites and things I love.  I’ll share more article links next week, promise.


If your inbox is anything like mine was, it was overflowing with useless subscriptions, sale emails from online stores and lists I had joined mindlessly and never quite remember to unsubscribe to. Along came Unroll.Me – it found 565 subscriptions attached to my email address! This tool is free and allows you to keep the subscription in your inbox, in a daily roll-up (sent as an email or viewable on their site) or unsubscribe altogether. I also love that any new subscriptions it discovers are brought to my attention daily. I’ll admit, I think there are some minor glitches as a few subscriptions continue to appear in my inbox. However, my inbox is a much happier place since discovering this site.


I love to read all the articles I come across on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day, but I don’t always want to read them right that minute. Pocket allows you to save your reading list, which you can access on your smartphone or on a PC, anywhere. This little handy tool lets me pull up my to-read list in the evening when I have an hour to unwind on the couch or once a week, and at the end of the week, pick my favourites to share with you in my five things.

Next Issue

I am a magazine addict. I regularly buy up to 4 different magazines each month, and also borrow several from the library. I just signed up for Next Issue (free month trial) and I’m head over heels in LOVE.  For $9.99 per month you get electronic subscriptions to many (a LOT) of different titles and they’re available to read on your tablet, smartphone or Windows 8. I have read the most recent issues of several of my favourites this week, along with select articles in past issues (also available!), and skimmed some magazines I don’t normally buy. I love to read on my iPad, but can also use my iPhone. I’m hooked, plain and simple. Some titles include Today’s Parent, Lou Lou, InStyle, People Stylewatch, Golf Digest, O (Oprah), and SO many more.  This one is not only a time saver, but a serious budget saver for me!

My Library Card

I love books. I love business books, self-help books, fiction, smutty novels, the whole shabang. I love to browse the bookstore, book club lists and business book recommendations by friends and then simply search the library’s website bibliocommons. I place a hold on the books I really want to read and ta-da, I get an email when they’re on hold for me. I take my girls once per week when school is out on breaks, or at least once per month otherwise. They also enjoy taking out new books every visit. If you have little ones, the storytimes at the libary are a great way to get out of the house.

Gratitude App

The Gratitude app available for iOS is a simple app that encourages you to enter a list of things you are grateful for.  I have used this app for a few years and love how it simply encourages my gratitude.  Whenever I notice it on my screen, I open it up and type at least one thing.  It’s filled with inspiring and zen-like quotes too.





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