6 Browser Extensions That Will Save You Money (&Time)

Browser extensions that save you money

I know I am looking at all possible ways to save money these days. With the holidays coming up, being able to save money and get cashback on purchases I was already going to make, is a win-win.  Saving me time and money by finding the best price on the items I need to purchase is another important factor.  Here are several browser extentions/apps/websites I found that are FREE and  help you save money and precious time.

Note: All of the browser extensions listed below are free and require you to sign up for an account to use their money saving features.

Disclaimer: some of the links below allow for referral opportunities for me if you sign up. 


Befrugal is a coupon and cash-back app. You earn cash for shopping online as well as stack coupons that the app finds to save money. They offer coupons and deals at tens of thousands of stores with a guarantee that all their coupons will work.  Deals/coupons and cash-back are available on thousands of Canadian sites.

You can get a $10 sign-up bonus for signing up. ($10 bonus is available once you have earned $10 in cashback)
Sign up online here. You can make purchases through their website, the browser extension or through their app.


Honey (by Paypal)

Honey does a multitude of things to help you save money.  From searching and providing you with coupon codes , Amazon price comparisons, Amazon Price history, Cash back /Honey Gold points.  Honey gold can be cashed in for gift cards instead of cash 800 Gold points = $10USD.  Honey works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.  You can also download the Honey Smart Shopping Assistant rewards app for iOs versions 13+.   You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use the app/extension.  You can earn points/cash back from popular stores like Hello Fresh, Staples Canada, Microsoft Canada, Apple Canada, Walmart Canada, The Show Company and the Real Canadian Superstore etc. Honey is free to use. Sign up here.

Invisible Hand (CNET Shopping)

Invisible Hand tracks prices for over 25,000 retailers in USA and Canada (not just Amazon). It will track airlines, hotel and rental car prices to help you find the best travel deals.  It will also nofiy you if there are any coupons to use .  It can be added to Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

The Camelizer and Keepa

The Camelizer

If you are a frequent amazon shopper this is a must browser extension.  Camelizer will track the prices of millions of Amazon products over time.  You might not know, but a few weeks to a few days before a sale, Amazon will increase their prices so that when the sale happens the sale price is often about the same price as it was just a few days ago . To know if the price of the item is actually a good sale price, you will want to use an extension like Keepa and The Camelizer. The Camelizer works in US, Canada, UK , Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia. The Camelizer can be used to analyze prices from around the world as well.


Keepa is another awesome price tracker.  It has been around since 2017 and the company is based out of Europe.  Keepa has 1 billion products in their database which is more than what Camelizer has.  You can use the price tracker through their website or you can download the extension for your browser.  Like Camelizer, you can be notified of price drops and it shows you a graph of the price history of a given item. You are able to compare millions of Amazon products internationally and you can import your wish lists.  Keepa does have a premium subscription  option that you can purchase, that will give you a bigger picture of the pricing and rankings, history and listings that are behind the scenes, which can be a great feature for people who sell online frequently.


Rakuten.ca (Formally Ebates)

Ebates has been around since 1998 but in 2014 it became known as Rakuten.  Rakuten is another cashback and coupon extension.  There are over 2,500 stores with coupon codes and cashback options. Ratuken has a Canadian site as well as US one. If you can’t find the store you are looking for on the Canadian site, you an try the US one. You can use Ratuken as a browser extention, website or app.    The browser extention will work on googe chrome, safari, firefox and edge. If you use this link to sign up for ratuken.ca or this one for ratuken.com – using either link will get you $30 as a sign-up bonus.


Do you rely on reviews before you make purchases.  Have you ever considered that the reviews you are reading are fake/bought?  Fakespot is a free plug-in for firefox or chrome that analyses reviews on amazon, Walmart, best buy, trip advisor, sephora, stream, yelp, EBay and other thirs party sellers on Amazon.  It looks for patterns that may be suspicious and other factors that might suggest a review is fake.  Reviews are graded A to F so that you know how much trust you can put in them.  It is customizable – you can choose to see the grades on the product page and filter and sort.  It will work as a browser extension or on iOs and Android app.


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