7 Gorgeous Tools for Planning & Organization


7 planning tools

Happy New Year! I have some fantastic and gorgeous planning tools for you today! With a fresh calendar, like a clean slate, we like to get better organized, set goals, and maybe even plan our meals to eat healthier.

These are my seven must-haves for planning and organizing my New Year and I wanted to share them with you here. Happy Planning!

tools for better bundle


Tools for Better Bundle by Kerstin Auer – only $19 for a bundle of self-coaching workbooks

For a limited time, get Kerstin’s book bundle with everything you need to self-coach yourself to an amazing year. (affiliate link)



Power Sheets (pre-order) by Lara Casey for goal setting and monitoring – $35

Everything I’ve read about Lara Casey is amazing and I love her site! These goal setting #powersheets are all the rage on Instagram. I’ve pre-ordered mine, have you?

own your awesome

Own Your Awesome power deck of quotes – $18

Daily affirmations to remind myself to be awesome? Yes please! Love this!

erin condren

An Erin Condren personalized life planner – $50+

I have never been without a paper planner even though tech is where it’s at and I use my Google Calendar for actual scheduling. I love everything about Erin Condren planners. Personalized all the way!


FREE Master your To-Do List with Paper + Oats’ time-blocking guide

I have subscribed to get my free To Do List with Time Blocking and I can’t wait to check it out. Every other printable on this site also looks pretty cool.

home management binder

FREE Complete Home Management Binder at DIY Home Sweet HOME

This site includes every possible home-related printable you could need. Creating a home management binder sounds like something I need to put on my must-do list!

meal planner

FREE Weekly Meal Planning printable at Strawberry Mommycakes.

I will be meal planning for more vegetarian meals this year and will need this printable to ensure I don’t forget any new veggies on my list I may have never purchased before!

Happy Planning and Happy New Year Mamas!


*Featured Image by Shutterstock.



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