7 Tips on Choosing Shapewear for Post-Pregnancy Moms

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Mothers almost always experience pain and trauma when giving birth, no matter how their baby comes out. Whether you have a vaginal or a caesarean delivery, your body needs time and support to heal. Just imagine, your baby grew in your body for nine months, rearranging your internal organs in the process. Moreover, your uterus would still be swollen and your pelvic floor muscles, weakened, after the birth.


The post-partum period may be a joyous occasion with your new baby, but it’s also the time for healing your body. In the road to recovery, your body needs all the support, including in what you wear. This is where compression shapewear may come in handy. These garments are designed not just to shape the body but also to provide support for your swollen legs and postpartum belly.


With the many shapewear options in the market, choosing the right ones might end up being an expensive trial and error. To help you make the best choice for your post-pregnancy needs, we’ve compiled these essential tips for choosing the right shapewear.


Choose High-Waisted Compression Garments

One of the most popular choices for post-pregnancy moms is high-waisted compression garments, such as leggings. These provide essential support to the abdominal area. This helps to gently shape and tone it. Combined with a postpartum belly wrap, high-waisted shapewear offers extra support to your lower back, which can be a relief for post-pregnancy discomfort.


Consider options like high-waisted panties or shorts as well with varying levels of compression. Make sure they fit snugly but comfortably to get the best results. For your back-to-work attire, you can opt for hosiery that completely covers your tummy to prevent constricting areas where you may have a C-section wound.


Consider Shapewear with Pockets for Gel Packs

Post-pregnancy recovery can be accompanied by aches and pains, especially around the tummy area. That’s why some shapewear comes with built-in pockets designed to hold hot or cold gel packs. These gel packs can provide soothing relief to sore muscles, making your postpartum experience more comfortable.


In addition, this special shapewear is excellent for when you get your period back. In case you have menstrual cramps, you can just slip a warm compress gel pack to ease the pain. With a pocket to hold the compress, it leaves your hands free to take care of your baby.


Opt for Breathable Fabrics

The post-pregnancy period can bring about unwanted symptoms like hot flashes and increased sweating. To stay comfortable, look for shapewear made from breathable fabrics like cotton or moisture-wicking blends like bamboo. These materials allow your skin to breathe, which reduces the risk of skin irritation. In addition, shapewear made from these fabrics will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.


Ensure a Comfortable and Adjustable Fit

For most postpartum moms, comfort trumps style when it comes to shapewear. This is perfectly reasonable as ill-fitting shapewear can lead to discomfort and even health issues, such as muscle dependence and restricted breathing. So, look for options with adjustable straps or bands to customize the fit to your body’s changing needs.


Remember, shapewear should support you, not constrict you. A comfortable fit will help you feel confident and relaxed throughout the day.


Pick the Right Size

Choosing the right size is crucial for shapewear to work effectively. That’s why you shouldn’t guess your size. Instead, measure your waist, hips, and thighs to find the perfect fit. Keep in mind though, that each brand may have slightly different sizing, so consult their size chart before making a purchase. As mentioned before, wearing shapewear that is too tight can be counterproductive and uncomfortable, while shapewear that is too loose won’t provide the support you need.


Choose a Versatile Outerwear

Shapewear doesn’t have to be hidden under your clothes. Some options are designed to be versatile outerwear. For instance, shapewear in the form of opaque shorts makes for a comfortable and breezy bottom that you can pair with a simple T-shirt or tank top. In addition, consider bodysuits or shaping camisoles that you can pair with skirts, pants, or even jeans. Indeed, versatile shapewear can be a lifesaver for busy moms.


Opt for Flattering Shapewear

Last but not least, choose the shapewear that makes you feel good about yourself. Look for styles that complement your body shape and accentuate your best features. After all, feeling attractive post-pregnancy can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and confidence.


Take note, the right shapewear can enhance your natural beauty and help you embrace the changes that come with motherhood.


Choosing the right shapewear after pregnancy can help you achieve a desired look, but it’s not the most important thing about them. Rather, it’s about feeling confident, comfortable, and supported during this transformative period in your life. With these essential tips in choosing shapewear for your postpartum body, you can hopefully find the right garments that will help you heal and boost your confidence.

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