9 Droolworthy Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make This Summer

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I scream, you scream the kids all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is a Summer time staple and it is a huge bunch of fun to make together with the kids or just for yourself as an extra special treat. Ice cream is the most delicious way by far to cool down in all this heat so to get you through the rest of the Summer break we got these 9 drool worthy ice cream recipes you can make this Summer!

Photo by Cooking by Laptop [SOURCE]

If you are looking for something super decadent for after the kids go to bed and the porch lights and stars are your only company. This Olive Oil Ice Cream with Strawberry Balsamic Reduction by: Cooking by Laptop is your ticket. It is all kinds of good and the kind of good that can’t be shared with kids. This is something you eat in the bathtub during those precious moments of alone time.


As much as we would love to eat ice cream every single day you probably shouldn’t, but this next ice cream we found you could do so without a single ounce of guilt. This Matcha Avocado Nice Cream by To Die For is one of the best ice creams and you could eat it on the daily. This is an ice cream you will definitely want to give to your littles, with the super healthy ingredients you will be happy when they ask for seconds for dessert.

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Now every once in awhile you need something super cold and super refreshing, as refreshing as a great mojito. That is where this Strawberry Mojito Kefir Ice Cream Recipe by Mumfection is a great way to ring in the Summertime with the family. Of course is kid friendly and filled with Kefir adding to that awesome list of healthy dessert options for your families summer time fun!

Maybe you are looking for something more strawberry and less mojito and I have just the ice cream. This super easy and traditional Strawberry Ice Cream by: Fashion Forward 40 is just perfect for using up those garden strawberries that keep popping up. This is the perfect topper for any vanilla cake dessert you are putting together for friends and it will get those kids screaming for more for sure.

Now I don’t know about you but I love Nanaimo bars, they are one of my all time favorite. I especially love them freezer cold more than anything. So I wanted to share one of my all time favorite ice cream recipes. This amazing Nanaimo Bar recipe by Jo and Sue is going to be your families next favorite dessert of all time. I can’t get enough of it and neither can my kids – plus it isn’t too hard to put together all things considered.

Need more “just for mom” desserts for an upcoming Summer girls night then I know just what you need. This Red Wine Ice Cream by Cooking By Laptop is hands down one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever had brought to a girls day. I have to admit I even got to test this one out over mani pedis and lots of pampering.

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Summer time means time at your local fairs and that means theme park food! One of everyone’s favorite theme park food items is always Cotton Candy and this Cotton Candy Ice Cream recipe by Homemade Hooplah is perfection on a cone. It is exactly what you wish cotton candy was on a hot day: super cold. It is a great way to end a day of roller coasters and carnival games!

Want something to serve for the solar eclipse coming up Aug 21st?? This Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream by Some of This and That is not only eye candy but tastes amazing. It will really wow your kids while they experience a science marvel that happens once in a lifetime. Celebrate and make sure you don’t miss out.

Some of us are lucky enough to have fruit trees in our yards and if any of them are peaches then I have the perfect idea for you. This Vegan Peach Gelato ft. Aquafaba by Cooking by Laptop is just peach heaven. It is so refreshing so delicious and is a great vegan ice cream option for Summer. It is one of her most popular recipes for a darn good reason and a definite crowd pleasure.

With all these great ice cream recipes you will be the most popular mom on the block. Not just with the kids either if you are serving up the red wine ice cream!

Do you have any favorite go to ice cream recipes your family love?

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