Around Town: Half-off Admission at Playland on Tuesday’s

Two Moms. Three Children and One Super Fun Day at Playland. Tuesday’s are 50% off admission thanks to Virgin Radio Vancouver until August 14th.


Our day trip to Vancouver was not pre-planned so we didn’t plan lunch options which I normally would do but grabbed a few snacks for the road.

The girls, who are range in age from 9-12, wanted to start off on an easier ride so we headed off to the Kettle Creek Mine. If thinking of travelling to Playland with toddlers click here for our tips. Our youngest left her hat on her head instead of the favourable wrist option during the ride and had it fly off the first round around the track. We were lucky that it flew off to the right of the boarding area and had employees been allowed to go in that area we could have easily reached. We were directed to customer service and told that a maintenance person would be able to retrieve for us. At  customer service we were told that there was no one available to help us and told that someone would call if the hat was found. Luckily for long arms we were able to reach through the fence of the ride and get the hat ourselves.


We all had varies levels of braveness so we headed to the left section of the park to the spiny rides. I was happy to see that there was more ride options than I had remembered from last year. We spent the next few hours jumping from the Scrambler, Flume, Dizzy Drop, Bug Whirled, Enterprise, Gladiator, Pirate Ship and Music Express. I could be wrong but I thought that the Music Express was sponsored by a local radio station but it doesn’t appear to be anymore. Our first ride we listened to the Cailou theme song which was a bit of an interesting choice.


Half of our party didn’t like heights and others didn’t like things that spin so we all very brave and decided to attempt the Atmosfear. For me personally, I found the ride up to be a bit unnerving but once at the top the views were gorgeous and the spinning was relaxing not terrifying. We all survived and happily rode it again throughout our time at the park.



The only thing that I would have done differently for our next trip is to have a bigger lunch before going in. My daughter and I shared chicken strips and fries with two drinks which came to $18.50. Also make sure that you visit the radio station booths to enter all the giveaways that they have. We didn’t and missed out on the opportunity to win Justin Timerberlake tickets.

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