Belmead Park {Review}


We stumbled upon a lovely playground in Belmead today and it was so neat that we just had to share it with you! Not only did it have this awesome dinosaur structure (complete with slide) but it also had this little dinosaur too!


Annnnnnd this playground was equipped with not one but two larger climbing/sliding structures.


My four year old loved this larger structure and was up and down the slides with ease, but my two year old much preferred hanging out on the base with her brother.


This playground is also equipped with a set of baby swings, a set of regular swings in the middle and another set of regular swings on the far side.


There were quite a few picnic tables and benches surrounding the playground as well, and next time we head to this park we will be sure to bring buckets, shovels and a picnic lunch!


My phone battery died before I could snap a couple pictures of the mid-sized structure so you will have to check it out for yourself but overall I really impressed with the variety of equipment and felt that it was suited to children of all ages!

Have you been to this playground before?

What did you like or dislike?




**Belmead Park is located in West Edmonton behind the Belmead Community League               (9109 182 St NW).**

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