Best Toys for Toddlers


As you may re-call I recently wrote a post about Investment Pieces for Baby and while I wrote that post I also considered the types of toys that have lasted years and been played with over and over since my oldest was a toddler.  These are the toys that are most loved and re-used and worth the ‘investment’ according to our household.

Starting at about age 2 you can put some play-doh in front of your toddler to explore and mold.  It’s an inexpensive toy, but you can even make your own (tons of recipes online).  The best play-doh ‘game’ in our house is rolling and cutting shapes.  This isn’t something that lasts through children, I’m constantly buying more, but it’s been something all 3 of my girls have loved and STILL love.

Puzzles are an educational toy that teach cognitive skills, eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills so I have no problem shelling out $20 for a good quality puzzle from Crocodile Creek or other boutique brands.  Kids love them from about age 1, Ivy still plays with the ones I bought 8 years ago.  A good investment all around.  Sometimes, these can even be found at good quality consignment or second-hand stores.

Mega Blocks
Blocks are also an educational toy teaching math skills, creativity and problem solving Any blocks will do (as long as they are age appropriate in size).   We have played with Mega Blocks and soft foam blocks in our house since my oldest was 12 months old making our collection pretty big, but well-used.

DVD’s like Barbie, Backyardigans and Disney movies are watched over and over in our house, but with a good PVR and regular favourites set to record on Treehouse TV or Disney Junior, DVD’s aren’t nearly as necessary these days.  DVDs can be found free at the library, and low cost second hand as well.


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