Camping Organization: Things You Probably Haven’t Considered

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It is camping season and that means many of us families are running around doing the best that we can to get everything ready for any camping trips you and your family might have planned. Regardless of how many days and where you are going there are a few amazing tips we wanted to share with you that you might have thought about when it comes to your camping organization.

With so many people to get organized, plus food for them all, sleeping arrangements etc.. it can be rather hectic trying to keep track of everything that needs to be done. It can also make delegating tasks to other members of your family difficult too if you can’t seem to figure out whether you are coming or going. That is exactly why we decided to compile this post with a list of tips to help you with your camping organization.

Take Your Time

If your goal is to have a very stress free camping trip along with simple camping prep there is only one thing you can do: start early. Start gathering, packing and cleaning whatever you need to a good month in advance. This way you are only spending a couple hours here and there prepping. A way better option than the last minute panic that of trying to get everything ready to go within a week. Doing things in small baby steps makes it a lot easier and there is so much you can prep well i advance that there should be little to no work to do the day of other than packing you your vehicle and driving.

Always Think Of The Drive

When you are planning out your drive, or road trip, up to your camping grounds you will want to factor in enough stops to account for unpredictable bladders. One of my best tips from our road trip post was making sure you plan stops that have food, a place for the kids to run around and of course a potty spot. There are so many great ways to plan ahead and we even highlight a few apps in that post that could be a huge help across Canada. Plan for those stops and they wont catch you by surprise or impact your schedule.

Clean Your House Before You Leave

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long camping trip to a super messy house that desperately needs your attention. Attention you don’t want to give it since you are exhausted from the events of camping and everything that goes along with it. As relaxing as camping can be it is a lot of work for mom and dad so keep that in mind and make sure your house is in tip top shape before you leave. Coming home to a super clean house will make you feel calm and relaxed after a camping trip. Way better than that dread you’d usually feel if you didn’t take the time.

Camping OrganizationAlways Pack String

Never leave the house without string if you are planning on camping with kids. String is not only useful when it comes to your camping space it is also great for creating obstacle courses to help keep your little ones happy while they are waiting for meals at the campsite. Nothing worse than bored kids on a camping trip to having an arsenal of activities for them to do is a great idea, string can give you endless options. It can also be used for so much at the campground like a clothesline to hang up your bathing suits and so much more!

Storage Drawers

Creative and animal safe storage is key when you are camping as a family. You will have a lot of food to pack and to protect so you have to make sure you are storing everything you need in the best way possible. Of course with all that food comes cutlery and everything else. Finding a way to store and keep it safe can be tricky. But I have found something really useful. Plastic pull out drawers to easily store your utensils etc… are a life saver. Then using simple rubber maids with bungee cords and great locking coolers and you will be all set and no animals will be eating your meals before you get the chance!

Hopefully these tips help you on your next camping adventure with your family, happy camping everyone!



Feel free to share your Camping Organization tips with us in the comments below!



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