Celebrate the Every Day! #marbleslabmoments

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I want to celebrate the every day. I feel the need to seize the day, live it, enjoy it and celebrate it.

There is a saying about burning the special candle, wearing the special underwear, (or something like that?) and it just means that we need to make the most of the days that we have.

On Friday after school, I took my girls to Marble Slab Creamery and we picked up a cake just to celebrate the fact that it was…


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We went home, made dinner together as a family and then enjoyed our ice cream cake together. It was a celebration all on its own.

We were celebrating family time.

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I love Friday nights. Everyone is a bit tired out from a long week, nobody really wants to do anything but relax, so a simple dinner and cake is the perfect way to celebrate.

I also like to reflect on the week’s accomplishments every weekend by writing in my journal. This is part celebration, in part reflection.

After ice cream, a little popcorn and a movie and Friday nights couldn’t get any better.

Marble Slab Moments is all about celebrations. First birthdays, Mother’s Day (which is, I suppose, what I should be focused on since it’s this weekend!), baby showers, and family.

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