Check Out The Runners Bike

Rylan and Leifie Sharp

I’d like to introduce you to the Runners Bike. Yes, it’s missing pedals. It’s supposed to be missing pedals! What this does is help to introduce your child (as young as 18 months of age) to learn balance and coordination. They are often called balance bikes.

Learning to balance and coordinate on a pedal-less bike allows your child to move on to a pedal bike without the painful experience of training wheels. Imagine that!

This unique ‘push bike’ is ideal for young children ages 2-5. Rather than using standard pedals, the child relies on his own legs to ‘run’ the bike. This makes for great exercise and also encourages the use of their inner point of balance.


boy on runners


Wobbling is to be expected at first, yet their own feet and legs provide adequate security and support.

Once the child finds their balance, they can lift their feet from the ground and coast…faster and faster! Braking is done in a simple and natural fashion: simply put down the feet.

Runners Bike also provides a greater sense of security than a standard tricycle, as children are planted near the ground, and fully in control of their speed.

The Runners Bike is reminiscent of the good old days of natural wooden toys – made using solid birchwood. The wheels are made of pneumatic rubber, providing perfect cushioning for rocks and bumps. Runners Bike also offers bikes made of aluminum and steel in different sizes and colours.

The most important point to note about the Runners Bike is that children love them! I know many little ones who have these and it quickly becomes their most beloved toy, inspiring hours of fun (as well as exercise!).

This would totally be my girls – especially inside during our long winters!


Runners Bike recently received a Today’s Parent seal of approval as well!




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