Childcare Spotlight: Tot Spot Academy


Mom’s who are returning to the workforce often have one big problem weighing on their mind. “Who will take care of my child?” For me, it was hands down the hardest choice I had to make at that juncture in my life. I am ever so grateful to now have a career while staying home with my kids but when my oldest turned 1, I was not so lucky. When you have someone you fully trust to take care of your child, it can make all the difference in the world.

Tot Spot Academy Inc. is a Montessori inspired preschool and childcare program in St. Albert that follows an emergent, play-based curriculum with strong roots in Holistic Education. They believe that all children are capable learners when given the opportunity to practice and explore in an enriched environment with loving and supportive caregivers. Parents and teachers work collaboratively with all of the children in the program to complete developmental assessments and set emotional, academic, physical and social goals for each term. Children leave Tot Spot Academy with Kindergarten readiness skills. Direct programming begins in the baby room as all three classrooms operate under the instruction of trained Elementary School Teachers.

The nipissing child development assessment is new to their program and has proven to be a huge asset to their programming and goal setting for each child. The ndds is a short checklist of some of the most important skills that a child should master by a particular age. The ndds is not a diagnostic tool and it is not meant to be a formal assessment of the child’s skills — but rather a quick survey to determine any areas that may require some extra help. This is an incredible advantage to have for your little ones. With this, they are able to catch early on if your child will next a bit of extra attention to reach their goals! If you’re interested you can find out more information on ndds here.



The Baby Room

Babies Aged 10 months to 19 months follow a daily schedule which allows predictability and routine within the room. Little ones begin to engage in circle time which includes songs, stories, rhymes and finger plays and are introduced to crafts and art. This room is language rich and babies are introduced to basic American Sign Language which helps to build language and eliminate communication frustration.


The Toddler Room

Children aged 19 months- 3 years of age actively participate in circle time which includes stories, rhymes, finger plays, puppet shows and direct concept teaching experiences. The Toddler Room has a sensory bin which rotates between a variety of materials and toys such as a corn farm unit, black bean Halloween bin, kinetic sand ice-cream shop and water play. Also, the toddler room is equipped with baby carriers which allow toddlers who want to be carried to be carried. Their toddler program is always evolving and is based on the interests of the children in the room.


The Preschool Room

The Preschool Room is designed to facilitate learning opportunities, encourage continued independence and build upon skill building and critical thinking.There are weekly themes which facilitate learning and play. As well as sensory and dramatic play which comprises a large portion of the day as well. They also engage in direct teaching of Preschool concepts such as letters, phonemic awareness, numerous and shapes colors.


Monthly Pricing

Babies: $359 1 day/week to $1399 5 days/week

Toddlers: $329 1 day/week to $1299 5 days/week

Preschoolers: $309 1 day/week to $1199 5 days/week 

Owner Of Tot Spot

Alicia Bishop


Prior to having her first child, Alicia was a full-time division one, special needs teacher with the Edmonton Public School board and is a Child Development Supervisor (formally called a level three care provider). She is specialized in language development and has extensive training in early literacy intervention and support. With experience in fine and gross motor development, she is knowledgeable in the social, emotional and physical developmental milestones of children. Having taught at Tevie Miller in the Speech and Language program at the School for the Deaf, experience has shown her that young children receive several developmental benefits from learning American Sign Language as a second language. In 2012, Alicia was nominated as an Edmonton YWCA Woman of Distinction in the Education category.Alicia has been operating Tot Spot Academy for the last four years.


Even though Tot Spot Academy is a relatively newer daycare, their holistic and authentic learning philosophies are proving to be a highly sought after program. Their daycare and preschool classes are completely full until September 2018 which is amazing! If you are interested in attending in the near future, I would highly recommend contacting them to be put on a waiting list. For more information please call  780-267-3702, email or visit their website here.

*This post was sponsored by Tot Spot Academy. Any opinions stated, as always, are my own

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