Three Amazing Moms Helping Out Families in the Spruce Grove Area

Meet the Ladies Behind Compassionate Connections

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies of Compassionate Connections. Gina, Mylan, and Kayla run Compassionate Connections and help families in need in the Spruce Grove area.



They operate solely on donated items and can provide families with basic necessities all the way to some smaller household items. They caught my attention when they hosted a fundraising garage sale where all proceeds went towards buying items that are hard to come by through donations, like formula and diapers.


On the day of the garage sale I made my way to their headquarters (one of the ladies homes) and I was astounded at what I saw! Heaps of donated items and only about 10 ladies to move it all to Central Park (the garage sale location). I got right in there and helped with whatever I could and it was honestly one of the best ways I spent one of my Saturdays this summer. I don’t think I can even emphasize how amazing these ladies and this charity is! That is why Compassionate Connections is my go to place for bringing Olivia’s outgrown clothes and toys and even unused items around the house.

How You Can Help

By becoming a Modern Mama Perks Card Holder you will be donating to Compassionate Connections too! From September 1 until the end of the year, $10 from every Perks Card sold will be going to Compassionate Connections. You always see things in the news about less fortunate people in different parts of the world but I think sometimes we forget that there are people and families in our own communities that really need help too. Please check out Compassionate Connections on Facebook and see what you can do today! Hope to see my wonderful Modern Mamas lending a hand.

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